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    How to switch between the PelletSmoking style and the PelletSmoking Dark style

    1. Scroll all the way down the main forums index page to the footer and click on the Style Chooser link at the far left: 2. Then in the popup, select either PelletSmoking or PelletSmoking Dark. 3. You can also set your preferred style in your account preferences:
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    Request a new How To Guide

    If you'd like to see a new How To Guide for using the forum software, please request it here by replying to this thread.
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    Using the Post Editor

    Are the icons in your editor toolbar all "greyed out"? There are actually two modes for the editor: the WYSIWYG ("What You See Is What You Get") mode, which is the normal mode, and a second "code" mode. Most people will never need to use the code mode but if your editor icons are all greyed out...
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    Using the Post Editor

    Starting a new thread or replying to an existing thread all happens within the post editor. At the top, you will see one or more rows of icons, depending on the size of the screen for the device you're using: If you hover over any icon in the toolbar, you will see a toolbar telling you what...
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    How To Reply To An Existing Thread

    1. To post a reply to an existing thread, first click on the forum category if you're not already there and then click on the thread title of the thread you want to reply to. Then just scroll down to the bottom of the list of current replies until you see the Editor box: 2. Enter your reply...
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    How To Start A New Thread

    1. To start a new thread, first click on the "Create new thread" button at the right just below the navigation bar: 2. If you are already in the desired form, this will take you...
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