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  1. SmokeAndSpice

    Vegetarian ideas?

    My daughter went off to college and decided to follow a vegetarian diet. She'll be back home for Thanksgiving week and the semester break next month, so I'm looking for some ideas for vegetarian-friendly pellet cooker recipes. I guess technically her diet is pesca-vegetarian, so seafood is OK...
  2. SmokeAndSpice

    Advice wanted for first butts on new pellet cooker

    This weekend I'll be doing my first pork butts on the new cooker (Memphis Advantage). I've done more than a few on a Brinkmann smoker and a ceramic/kamado-style smoker, so know the general drill. I am wondering if there's anything specific to pellet cookers that I should know going in. Are there...
  3. SmokeAndSpice

    Deep Dish Pizza

    Inspired by a thread from Deb a couple months back, I thought I'd try my hand at Chicago-style deep dish pizza. They came out tasty, but didn't quite hit the Chicago mark: One sausage and one pepperoni assembled and ready to cook: In the cooker, 10 minutes in at 450F: On the table (rushed a...
  4. SmokeAndSpice

    First cook photos

    First time cooking. It was a cold wet day so I didn't take many photos. Pork loin arista style (garlic and rosemary paste): Fajita (marinated skirt steak): More prep (pico de gallo and guacamole): Dinner:
  5. SmokeAndSpice

    Prep for first pellet cook

    I took a few photos while preparing for the inaugural cook with my new pellet cooker. Photos of the cooked/cooking meat are still in the camera. Scheduled to arrive between 5 and 8pm, the truck was pulling away as I got home around 4pm. I unpacked it, made dinner, then set to the assembly...
  6. SmokeAndSpice

    Pellet smoking here I come

    Looks like I'll become a pellet smoker this weekend-- my Memphis Advantage is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow! I've got a picnic shoulder and a small loin roast in the freezer that I might just have to get defrosted. Anyone have advice on things to watch out for with pellet cookers for the...
  7. SmokeAndSpice

    My name is Joel and I am soon to be a pellet smoker.

    Just wanted to say howdy. I learned to BBQ from a friend about 15 years ago, using a Brinkmann All-in-One water smoker for about eight years. Got tired of the massive fuel consumption, poor insulation, cleaning out the ashes several times during a butt or brisket cook, etc. Stepped up to a...
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