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    West Coast Offense came today...

    ...I now have a ton of rubs. One of the hidden costs of BB: To celebrate putting a tri tip on the Mak with some Little Louis & Jalapeno Bacon rubs. Mak on full blast giving it a 2 min sear on each side with my new searing grate, then in @250.
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    Pulled Chuck Roast

    All these pulled chuck roasts posted here have looked really good so I thought I'd give it a shot myself. Had a terrible time actually finding one, none of the supermarkets by me sold it. Found it in Wal-Mart of all places (they also had tri tip which is something else nobody has around here...
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    Smoked stuffed burgers

    Made these a few weeks ago, but haven't had a chance to post them until now. I had company over when making them so no cooking pictures, sorry. Tried a stuffed burger recipe I found online - Hickory Smoked Colossal Fair Burgers* - Onion burgers! ground beef, maple sausage and*...
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    pulled pork on the Mak

    I was waffling on doing a cook this weekend with the weather we were supposed to have but the peasants got their pitchforks and torches out and threatened revolt if pulled pork was not provided, so... Two 8.5 lb butts, injected with Smoke on Wheels pork marinade, one rubbed with Eat BBQ Zero to...
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    First fatty

    Wanted to give a fatty a try as the pictures I've seen look so good. So here is my first shot at one. Fatty assembly. Used the zip lock bag trick I've seen in a few other posts, it worked well. Hot sausage with a 4 cheese blend, onions, poblano, jalapeno, and yellow bell peppers for filling...
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    Pulled Pork

    Friday we were celebrating my sister in law's birthday, and I was notified that I would be serving pulled pork for dinner. 8lb. butt with BPS money (I should have added some sugar for a bit more bark). No injection, I don't have an injector yet. Onto the Mak at 3am. Foiled at 165, pulled...
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    low & slow corn

    I'm going to be trying a pork butt on the Mak overnight and wanted to cook some corn as well. Anyone have a guestimate as to how long corn will take in the 230-250 range if I throw it on while the butt is cooking? I was planning on trying some bacon wrapped corn.
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    Mak parrt 2: Chicken Wings

    Fired up the Mak again for tonight's dinner chicken wings from a local butcher which come pre-marinated in a cajun style sauce. Put them on the Mak on smoke for ~45 min then up to 280 for an hour, flipping after 30 min. Then cranked the Mak to 350 to crisp the skin a little. Also dusted with...
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    Losing BBQ virgiinity with ribs

    First ever cook on the new Mak, first ever cook of ribs (or any other BBQ). The cooking method used was one I learned at a local BBQ class given by someone that competes nationally (I wish I remembered his name, it was a few years ago). Two racks seasoned with BPS Money: Onto the Mak @230...
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    2 Star #1561 is online

    Mak 2 Star #1561 came yesterday but this afternoon was the first break in the rain to get it built. Unfortunately it started to rain just as it it was finishing seasoning so its first cook will have to wait until tomorrow.
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    Good source for meats in greater Boston area

    I have a Mak 2 star coming next week and I'm looking for a good source of meat in the greater Boston area. I went to a local BJ's today (Danvers MA) and their selection was so-so. Plenty of chicken and ribs, but they only had 3 butt's which just looked OK and no brisket at all (perhaps because...
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