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  1. regency

    buildning a smoker. hints and tips

    A friend and I are looking into building a large smoker on a trailer. We both own pellet smokers that we will continue to use for smaller cooks but we want something we can use for larger get togethers that our smokers aren't big enough for. I am looking for any hints and tips to build this...
  2. regency

    Ox Tail

    Just butchered 15 head of steers and the butcher saved the ox tails for me. Any suggestions on smoking these. Heard they are wonderful if done right, but I have never seen or heard of them before.
  3. regency

    pulled pork from a pork loin?

    Wondering if you can make a decent pulled pork from a pork loin? Is there enough fat to break down the meat? Wife wants to do a beef and pork roast for pulling tomorrow for moms b day. For the record I did tell her to get a big butt but she mis understood me and i was in the dog house for a...
  4. regency

    #@$%& Brisket

    OK. I know brisket is a pain in the a$$ to get right. I tried to follow BP's and Hodedo's instructions in the recipe thread. 9# packer, Put on grill at 6 am, on smoke for 1 hour then bumped the heat up to 225. Foiled at 8:30 (meat was about 138) based on color and bumped the heat up to 250. I...
  5. regency

    HELP! Fire ran out on Brisket. What to do?

    Hey, I am doing my first brisket. Smoked for 4.5 hours, then turned up to 225 and wrapped in foil. Started around 8:30 am. At 3:30 IT was at 180, left to feed cows and tend to new calves, came back at 5 and fire had burned out. IT was down to 135. Refilled the pellets and started the grill...
  6. regency

    Forum: My name is Russ and I am a pellet smoker.

    Hey all. I finally broke down and bought a Treager Texas in October after a friend kept bragging how good the food was on a pellet grill. Currently it is cooking a 13# Prime rib for dinner today. First big roast I have tired. Getting a little worried, read it should take 30 minutes/# at 225...
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