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  1. SoDakSmokerGolfer

    Happy 4th!

    Just a quick shot of a mess of ribs getting happy on the MAK... Got to love sweat money! Hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th!
  2. SoDakSmokerGolfer

    Something I have learned & pork chops

    Happy summer everyone. I haven't been as active here or cooking as much as I would like but for the summer my work load and school load is a bit lighter so I have had a bit more time. I thought I would try and pass on a tid bit I have learned while cooking and interacting with this forum...
  3. SoDakSmokerGolfer

    Spring chicken and strawberries

    I wanted to get these posted last night but life got in the way... It has been a while since I have posted stuff so go easy on me :-) I just got some new supplies from BSP and thought I would give them a try... I stared off with some good ol'whole chicken on the MAK. I rub it with slap yo...
  4. SoDakSmokerGolfer

    Big Rib Cook this weekend...

    Thank you BPS team for getting my supplies to me in time! Cooking a ton of ribs this weekend for my nephews birthday party.
  5. SoDakSmokerGolfer

    Does that stick to your grill?

    Here is a good article from meathead about stuff sticking to your grill.. Thought it was a good read and would share..
  6. SoDakSmokerGolfer

    Upcoming cooks... Can't wait!

    My wife and I moved the end of this past spring.... We just got a lovely house warming gift from the nice folks at Sturbe Ranch. I should add my wife is from Pittsburg, TX and grew up with some of the Sturbe clan. I will cooking the steaks this week end pics to come soon!
  7. SoDakSmokerGolfer

    MAK smoked, Happy Ending stuffed pork chops

    Ok so my wife is out of town so I have some time to experiment with new recipes... I have become addicted to the happy ending finishing rub. I have to admit I wasn't a big fan at first but it has really grown on me. I have found it is really good on popcorn and eggs! Any way I thought how...
  8. SoDakSmokerGolfer

    Transporting a MAK 2-star?

    Just wondering if anyone out there has moved there MAK 2 star before... As in across the country. Any tips? I am thinking I should remove the smoker box and all of the insides???
  9. SoDakSmokerGolfer

    OMG chicken wings

    Ok first sorry no pics of the food but... I really was thinking this was going to be any thing special so I didn't take any pics. I got some BP Jallelujah bacon jalapeño rub a while back and I like it but just haven't found the dish I really love it in until now! I had some friends stop by...
  10. SoDakSmokerGolfer

    BBQ gadgets and gifts

    I had a early Christmas gift waiting on me when I got home today... Just thought I would share and see if anyone else has used these?
  11. SoDakSmokerGolfer

    Thoughts on MAK setup for Prime Rib?

    The family has requested prime rib for Christmas dinner... I have seen a number of good recipes posted here and on the web in general but I am wondering on the best advice for the setup of the MAK? I was thinking of putting the hunk of meat on the upper rack and have the flamezone covered on...
  12. SoDakSmokerGolfer

    Help fire pot keeps going out (repost)

    Sorry I couldn't find my original post on this from last Sunday? I wanted to say thanks for all of the helpful tips from everyone including MAK Daddy... Which turns out he was right. I finally got some time last night and I took the PB out of my grill and the thermocouple had indeed become...
  13. SoDakSmokerGolfer

    German Goulash... W/ Wagyu left overs

    TentHunter got me started on a German food kick this weekend. I was cleaning out the deep freezer and found the bits that were left over from trimming a whole dry aged wagyu sirloin.... Hmmm goulash... Nice pile of meat A quick brown In the MAK for a smoke Thickening it up a bit on the...
  14. SoDakSmokerGolfer

    BBQ love affair...where does it start?

    I think everyone here would agree that good BBQ is not just about the food. It's the whole experience... The sounds, the people, the smells, the memories, and places. My wife asked me last night why I love BBQ so much? My first answer was I just do... But after I thought about a bit I...
  15. SoDakSmokerGolfer

    Mak the multi tool

    Thought I would try the "oven feature" on the MAK Whipping up some cheese muffins ( one of my favs) On the grill... I mean oven A bit of a cool before they are gone They were wonderful.... One would think you would end up with a harsh smoke flavor baking in a smoker but no! Is there any...
  16. SoDakSmokerGolfer

    Meat the twins

    Well it was a rocky start but me and Bernie MAK are going to be good friends... We did a good bit of cooking this weekend... Twin Tri-tip's Rubbed with two different rubs then smoked for 1.5 hrs after that seared on each side for 10mins ish.... Sliced Melt in your mouth yum yum Oh and of...
  17. SoDakSmokerGolfer

    They "talk the talk" and "walk the walk"

    Well just got back from a trip to Phoenix. It was a few long days of meetings and airport fun but I get home and I find a box waiting for me... With this in side: This is a gift from Big Poppa and team for all the issues around getting my 2 star to me. And the issues weren't even their...
  18. SoDakSmokerGolfer

    Down and out for count

    Well this hasn't been the smoothest beginning to a relationship but 1082 (aka Bernie MAK) and I are going to get there. First UPS lost him, then he went and busted a foot... Still haven't been able to cook yet. Laid out flat on his back Broken caster.... MAK is sending me a new one.
  19. SoDakSmokerGolfer

    To foil or not to foil?

    Hope everyone is finding their Wed. to be wonderful! With the 2012 version of the MAK 2-star how has everyone else handled (or not) using foil on the flame zone pan/covers? If your are using foil here... how? Looks like would be challenging to foil the flame zone pan and then the covers... or...
  20. SoDakSmokerGolfer

    Hello my name is Matt... And I will be a pellet smoker (once UPS finds it)

    I have been "lurking" here for a bit... I have learned a lot from the fine folks here. I have received advice on what type of grill/smoker to get, tips on cooking steaks, and even learned new uses foe welding blankets. I am looking forward to rolling my sleeves up and digging into some good...
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