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    Christmas Breakfast

    I am having a few friends over for brunch on Christmas day and looking for some ideas? Something that I could prep ahead of time and not take to much involvement to cook would be perfect.
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    Beef Tenderloin vs Brisket

    So I was planning on doing a brisket this weekend, my butcher charges about $7-8 a pound. I was just at the store picking up lunch and noticed that the grocery store had whole beef tenderloins on for 9.99 a lb. Would I be better off going with that? I've never cooked one before but guessing...
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    Traeger Pellets vs Louisiana Pellets

    Living up here in Canada when I went to purchase a smoker last year my only choice was Traeger to get local support. Fast forward a year and a local retailer is now carrying Louisiana. I already have my traeger and I am not going to switch but would I be better off switching to the Louisiana...
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    Whole pork shoulder?

    never tried cooking one, they are ranging in size from 16-18lbs and on sale for $0.99/lb What's the best way to cook them? cut it up into smaller pieces?
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    question on how long pellets last

    Has anyone noticed types of woods lasting a lot longer then others? I bought a bag of pecan traeger and it was gone in about 1/2 the cooking time that I normally get out of a bag.
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    Marinated ribs advice

    The wife picked up some side ribs from the butcher that marinated already. Any tips for how to cook them? Never cooked ribs before that already have the sauce on them. Thinking I should foil them right away and cook at 225 for about 4hrs, then unfoil them for another hour?
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    brisket cooking too fast?

    I put my 16lb brisket on last night at 180 for 3 hours, and then turned it up to 225. After only 8 hours i'm already at 160! I just put it in some foil. I was under the impression this sucker was going to take 15-16 hours... we are not eating for another 11 hours lol Should I turn it back down...
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    Maple Honey Chicken thighs

    Had these tonight and they are amazing! very easy to prepare, I just did it on the fly with what I had on hand but man they turned out great! rub chicken with your fav chicken rob sprinkle pepper (salt depending on rub) little bit of bbq sauce put them on at 225 for roughly half an hour in...
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    first cook ideas

    hey guys, looking for ideas for my first real cook on the traeger. I tried it out last night with some burgers and am going to do some chicken tomorrow to get the hang of it. This weekend we have about 15 people coming over for a birthday party. I was going to take some ribs! using the 3-2-1...
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    First pellet smoker advice

    I am looking at getting my first grill and have about a 1000 to spend. I was originally looking at a weber bbq but I think I'd rather try something different and the reviews on these seem very positive. I am leaning towards a lil tex traeger but am open to other ideas as well. I am concerned...
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