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    1 Star Sear Grate

    Hi guys. My wife asked what I want santa to leave me under the lid of my 1 star this year, and it has gotten my wheels turning. I am thinking the sear grate in addition to a few other accessories. My question is, is the flamezone kit a must to actually be able to achieve results with the sear...
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    I Love My MAK!

    My 1 Star and I have been in a relationship for just over a week now, and things are getting pretty serious. My Traeger couldn't perform like I needed her to, and now she's someone else's problem. I've done two cooks so far... A few racks of baby backs on Saturday and a 14 lb turkey on Sunday...
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    2015 vs 2016 MAK 2 Star

    Hi everyone. I've been poking around this site for a couple of months now, and finally decided to join. Currently have a Texas, and ready to take off the training wheels. We just bought a new home, and I want to do a built-in on the back patio. I've narrowed down my search and all signs are...
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