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    Hello from a new MAK owner

    Received my 2 Star grill yesterday, did my first cook, love it. This forum doesn’t seem to be very active, bummer. I did find the Facebook MAK page, but I’m an old guy, not big on social media. I really prefer a forum format like this. Cheers, Dale
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    Pellet reviews

    Anyone here done, or come across reviews of pellet brands on the market. You might be familiar with The Naked Whiz database of charcoal, was hoping something like this has been done with pellets.
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    Ash removal

    I’m in the market for a new Pellet Grill. I’ve been using a Green Mountain Grills, Davy Crockett for the past 5 years. I purchased this for the portability in our RV, and its given me a good understanding of pellet cooking, it suits me perfectly. In doing some initial research, I had come to...
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    Hello from the Sierra Foothills

    I am new to the forum, came over here to do some research on Pellet Smoker brands, I’m in the market for a new one. Looks like MAK is the preferred grill here, but I assume other are discussed as well? Dale
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