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    MAK 1 Star back "In Stock"

    Got an e-mail from MAK that they have the 1 Star available. 4-6 week lead time. Hopefully this bodes well for more product availability from them! So, if you know someone who is looking, this might fit their needs.
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    New Private Message Spam

    Moderators: I am getting new spam from ptom4585 - same stuff as previously blocked spammers. TentHunter (Cliff): I could not PM you about this as your mailbox appears to be full.
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    Removing MAK 2 Star Hood

    Folks, In some very old threads, the issue of removing the hood to clean the carbon (black flakes) build-up is mentioned. Several stated that removing the hood is "easy", taking just minutes. Well, I've had the expected build-up of black flakes starting to fall off the inside of the hood and...
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    Using an Ambient Temp Probe to check

    Folks, I'm a bit OCD about checking to see if my MAK's setpoint and PB measured temps are "correct". I confess I do this for my home oven, my other smokers/grill/etc. I have a Fireboard 6 port wifi temp monitor, a Maverick XR-50 4 port temp monitor and a Thermoworks IR gun with an ambient...
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    Posting Pictures - help!

    I do not know what I am doing wrong, but I cannot upload/post pictures. Here is what I get when trying: Fatal User Error: Could not create file system directory to hold your attachment. Unable to proceed with save while $errors array is not empty in class...
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    Inside Shelf for MAK 2 Star cabinet

    I was wondering if anyone has come up with a middle shelf idea for inside the cart cabinet. Something that could easily hold a grate or 2 and/or the FZ covers? I don't want to drill holes in the sides for mounting, so some kind insert is what I'm thinking about.
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    The Beast Has Arrived!

    My new 2 Star was delivered yesterday. Man, that is a beast to assemble. Took 2 of us 70+ year-olds to manhandle it. The tolerances for the bolts to mount the body to the cart portion are extremely tight. Many of the locations for the bolts are in very tight locations and large-fingered (OK...
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