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    Nitrile Gloves/Food Grade Available at BPS

    These are the thin/snug Nitrile gloves, blue in color. Sizes are MD, LG, and XL. Now available.
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    Apex Sharpening System from Edge Pro Available at BPS

    BPS will be selling the Apex Sharpening System from Edge Pro. We should receive stock early next week. The basic system consists of 220, 320 Grit Water stones, 8" Ceramic Hone, DVD, Manual, Water bottle, & Carrying Case. We will also offer 120 and 600 grit stones as well as 2000 and 3000 grit...
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    Christmas Dinner

    What's the plan for Christmas? There are some creative cooks on here so no holding back! We'll probably do a Prime Rib on a MAK, ABT's and Armadillo eggs on the BPS drum (we have our first baby due then so plans may change!)
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    What is the cause/effect of foiling? How much does the internal temp rise if you foil for 1-3 hrs after the cook? I'm always concerned that if I foil for more than 1 hr, the internal will temp will rise too much causing the meat to be over cooked. Is there a standard time meat should rest in...
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    Pork Butt Internal Temp

    When I started cooking shoulders, I'd take the internal to 195. I found that made the meat a little over done for competition so now I pull off the cooker a little earlier. I also had a difficult time getting consistent internal temp readings because I wasn't sure where to probe the butt...
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    5 Hole

    Hi Folks. My name is Joe and I'm the buyer at BPS/Ernie Ball and also cook on the BPS Competition Team. Great to be here!
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