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    The Guinea Pig

    Good luck to all involved this weekend! Can't wait to hear how it turns out.
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    Off to Plant City, FL this weekend

    The 10th Annual Pig Jam is happening this weekend! I've not cooked this one on my own before. Looking forward to it! Anyone else heading Southeast?
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    Winding down for Summertime

    I've got a contest this weekend -- Variety Club in Bartlett, TN (burb of Memphis) and one next weekend in Wynne, AR, then 8 weekends with no competitions. Any one else "cooling" it for the summer? Yes, I can take it if you call me a wimp!
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    IBCA Delight, AR

    Cooked close to home this past weekend -- Delight is about 120 miles away. Besides how could BBQr's Delight miss a contest in Delight, hometown of Glen Campbell! I was sick as a dog -- caught a cold in Jeff City. If'n I'd paid my money and sent product ahead of time (BBQr's Delight sponsored...
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    Captial City Cookoff -- April 20-21

    I'm pretty sure I'll see Andy and Kim this weekend in Jeff City. Anyone else heading there?
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    Smokin' Blues & BBQ Challenge, Hammond, LA

    Other contests I cook, this one is a cooking and an eating contest. Consistently the best food ever at a small town. If you're around, stop by. This weekend, March 23-24.
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    Sam's Westworth Village

    BBQr's Delight is in and Smoke on Wheels too. Any other pellet smokers going to be in Forth Worth this Friday?
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    Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo BBQ

    I am so excited to be heading to Houston on Thursday for the big event! There are just a handful of yearly BBQ "majors" -- Memphis in May, the American Royal, the Jack, HLSR and the Best of the Best in GA -- the first 3 I know but I've never been to Houston or to Georgia (but it's the latest of...
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    2012 plans

    This year, I plan on not doing more than 2 contests back to back. 3 in a row is just too much for me! Right now, my schedule is looking pretty full. Attending the Houston Livestock event next week. Cooking Pensacola, FL, then a weekend off. Next is Sam's in DFW, then Hammond, LA. How about...
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    Thanks, Mr. BBQ!

    Pesky pellets stopped my MAK's fan from running! How'd that pellet get down there anyway and how did Bruce know exactly what was wrong? Prime rib was wonderful thanks to my MAK 2 star! Merry Christmas to all!
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    No. 3 of 3 in a row!

    Maybe there really is something to cooking often to get better! In Mississippi, got one call (no money) and 15th overall. In Florida, got 3 calls and pretty good money and 6th overall! Tomorrow I head off to upper Northwest Oklahoma to cook again. If you're in the neighborhood of DownStream...
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    How to Decide?

    I'm signed up to cook Amelia Island, FL this weekend. It's a 14 hour drive. The cookoff is right on the beach. Looking at this morning, Irene is expected to hug the east coast of Florida brushing by Amelia Island right smack in the heat of the contest. I've cooked in a hurricane...
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    Fulton, MS this weekend!

    I'm starting a 3-in-a-row series with Fulton, MS' Stand By Your Grill event on 8/19-20. Fulton is the hometown of Ms. Tammy Wynette. Should be a standout first year event, it's at a campground (full hookups!) by the TomBigbee waterway. I haven't been out cooking since June and I am so...
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    Hog Wild in Mobile, AL 3/11-12

    Mobile is going Hog Wild at the fairgrounds on Friday & Saturday! Stop by and say howdy if you're in the neighborhood. Candy Sue
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    MAK wins VESTA best of show at HPB Expo!

    And they didn't even have to cook anything! This happened Friday Night!
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    IBCA contest in D'Iberville, MS

    BBQr's Delight was 6th in chicken, 9th in brisket, 9th overall. Only pellet cooker there!
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    Cooking Brisket on MAK

    Time to practice! Get to feed some folks tomorrow who aren't sick of my BBQ! Picked up a small trimmed Angus brisket, seasoned it up the usual way. Started off with rib trimmings seasoned very spicy and cooked on top of the brisket on the top rack (photo 2). After 4 hours, the pork is done...
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    BBQr's Delight schedule thru April

    2/25-26 D'Iberville, MS (IBCA) 3/1-6 HPBA Expo in Salt Lake City 3/25-26 Hammond, LA 4/1-2 Slidell, LA 4/14-16 Jefferson City, MO (I'm a Butt-to-Butt Judge too!!!) 4/29-30 Springdale, AR Above are committed. Likely: IBCA in Delight, AR in May, Variety Club in Memphis...
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    Contest at Tom's Farm

    Any of you California pellet folks cooking at Tom's Farm (1) Thursday & Friday?
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    I was the only pellet smoker...

    Had a blast this weekend! Cooked an IBCA contest in Delight, Arkansas. Of 22 teams, I was the only pellet cook there. IBCA is Texas rules, half chicken, spare ribs and brisket. We cooked beans too (pintos of course). I was 4th in beans, 10th in chicken and 6th in brisket. My ribs didn't...
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