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  1. Rip

    Two Star #2653 Reporting for Duty

    For the first cook on MAK2 #2653 I decided to do one of my favorite cooks. Filets with Sauce Béarnaise, bacon wrapped asparagus, and twice baked potato peaks. Using EVOO for glue, the filet's were seasoned with BPS Dbl Secret, fresh ground cayenne, and a dash of chili powder. The asparagus...
  2. Rip

    Back Again

    Hi All, Four years ago on this date I joined this forum as a total newbie...After a few years I had some life changes and got away from posting, first due to lack of time, and then later...no smoker! I thought today would be a good day to re-enter the forum. I look forward to contributing...
  3. Rip

    Money Report

    Finally got Money and Happy Endings last week, time to put them to the test. First up, Beef Filets. We like our filets pretty minimal. It took a while to work my wife into trying them with BPS Double Secret, but for the last several times we've settled in on Dbl Secret with a dusting of chili...
  4. Rip

    Turkey Stuffed Peppers

    After last weekend's ham plus a week of ham leftovers, I decided to try and eat a little healthier today. Stuffed bell peppers. The kids of course wanted hamburgers and taters. They won't eat what I consider to be an excellent burger (thick burger piled high with all sorts of fixin's) so I...
  5. Rip

    Ham Sammies

    Lot of ham leftover from the Easter cook, plus some pellet smoked bacon from Sunday breakfast....hmmm Start off with ciabatta bread, butter, bacon, ham, tomato... Add some smoke cheddar and jalapeño cheddar. Meanwhile I'm heating up two grill grates and a firebrick on the MAK. Scooter...
  6. Rip

    Easter Comes Early

    Worked out best for us to cook Easter dinner today instead of Sunday. Took a spiral cut ham and used Balsamic Coffee Glaze for glue and Yardbird for rub. The ham will be cooked on a wire mesh resting on a shallow pan of water. I made up a glaze from butter pecan syrup, honey, a small amount...
  7. Rip

    Buffalo Chicken Rolls

    Always looking for new ways to cook chicken. Today we tried Buffalo Chicken Rolls with a healthy spinach salad. First up was the homemade salad dressing, here's the ingredients. In the dishes are chopped cilantro and garlic. While the salad dressing got happy, I prepped a whole chicken...
  8. Rip

    Ribs 8 Ways

    A buddy of mine from the forum sent me a goodie box with several rubs in it. I decided to cut up four racks of Baby Backs and make ribs 8 ways. To emphasize the flavors, all will be dry rubbed for the taste test. I spent last week in Florida, had some real nice weather...missed a rare 70...
  9. Rip

    Filet Oscar (No, you are not seeing double)

    Last Friday Nancy and I were discussing what to make for dinner Sunday...We decided filets sounded good, hey let's make Filet Oscar! I was pretty sure I hadn't seen anyone do this cook for the contest in the last 12 months... Imagine my surprise when I opened up the contest thread this morning...
  10. Rip

    Shrimp on the Barbie

    Trying to eat a little healthier... We decided to have shrimp for dinner. The shrimp was marinaded in Gradassi's garlic EVOO and Plowboys Jerk. While the shrimp got happy, I made an avocado aioli to go with it. Avocado, lime juice, lite mayonnaise (just a 1/4 cup), serrano, jalapeño...
  11. Rip

    Chicken Parmesan - MAK Style with Bruschetta

    It's been a long year...Up before the dawn, I decided to renew my spirit. Last sunrise of 2011. The world wakes up below me...Yeah, life is good! My wife, daughter, and grandson have volunteered to help with dinner. I can't wait! Today were fixing Chicken Parmesan, MAK Style on the MAK...
  12. Rip

    Ham For Christmas

    My wife bought a 10lb Pre-cooked spiral cut ham. BPS Mussini's Balsamic w/coffee for glue and Plowboy's Yardbird. On to the MAK at 225 for about 4 hours, then up to 300 until IT140, and baste twice with a Maple Syrup based glaze (dilute the syrup with a little water and add some Soileau's...
  13. Rip

    Christmas Eve Treat

    Our Christmas Eve menu is a tradition and I wasn't about to suggest any major changes...however, it can't hurt to add some ribs, right Sparky? I've been itching to try the new BPS Chili EVOO, this seemed like a great time! But first I have to smoke some cheddar cheese and finish up the last...
  14. Rip

    Christmas Comes Early!

    My early Christmas present just arrived! So Sparky, Jessie ever send you flowers with your order?....Uh huh, me neither! :) What do do with this haul? My wife bought a roast yesterday.....I rubbed in the Balsamic w/coffee and then added BPS Double Secret (can't get Triple Secret yet!), a...
  15. Rip

    Chili, Cornbread, and Little Pies

    No doubt it's chili season, even though today was a pretty decent day with temps in the 30's during this cook. Gathered up the fixings. (The Pacificos will be consumed by the cook, and not used as an ingredient) Not pictured is the bag of frozen tomato's from this years garden. The ground...
  16. Rip

    Wings Win!

    Sitting on the couch Saturday...my daughter says we need to have hot wings for dinner...you know, football games and all. As some of you may remember I did a deep fried vs. smoked hot wing shootout last month and although the smoked wings won, the dissenters were my wife and daughters. Not to...
  17. Rip

    Happy Birthday GrillGrate Brad!

    Hey Brad, Happy Birthday! Hope you have a good one!
  18. Rip

    Happy Birthday SmokeAndSpice!

    Hope it's been a good one!
  19. Rip

    24 Hours at the American Royal

    It's just before noon on Friday. A glorious sunny fall day with temps in the 70's is well underway and I've just parked right in front of the entrance to the largest BBQ competition in the world. Within three hours you won't be able to park anywhere near this place. There're 140 teams are...
  20. Rip

    Ribs and Stuff

    Relatives came over today, perfect time for mixing in some new things in with tried and true. First up, ribs four ways. All 6 racks start of with EVOO, Plowboys, cayenne/habanero powder and on to the MAK at 225 for 30 mins then up to 275 for a little less than two hours. These are just about...
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