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  1. ACW3

    Pancetta Time In NC

    I haven't posted in a while. Been busy travelling and taking care of my grandson, every chance my wife and I get. I haven't done any memorable cooks worthy of posting. However, I have been playing around with something new to me, dry curing. I bought one of the Charcuterie kits from Umai a...
  2. ACW3

    Rosle Can Opener

    If you haven’t seen this, or better yet used one, consider adding it to your Christmas Wish List. My sister gave me one as an early Christmas present when she visited over Thanksgiving. While a bit pricey, it does everything they claim. Cuts the top off the can and leaves no sharp edges. The...
  3. ACW3

    Bacon Covered, Deep Fried Cinnamon Rolls

    The big “new” NC State Fair attraction is a deep fried cinnamon roll covered with bacon. Up close and personal. This was really good!!! Art
  4. ACW3

    It Was Only A Matter Of Time...

    As much as we all use text abbreviations, it was only a matter of time before they started to show up in products. Here is a wine display at a Kroger grocery store in Durham, NC. Art
  5. ACW3

    This is REALLY outside-the-box!!

    I subscribe to the ProChef SmartBrief and came across this article, London 'meat bar' serves up carnivorous cocktails. Being the adventuresome cooks that we all are, or want to be, you need to check this out to see if it is something you want to add to your next BP contest cook. Here is the...
  6. ACW3

    Home Alone On Friday Night

    Wife is out of town. I get to make MY menu!! First of all, it’s BURGER TIME!! I took several pounds of 90/10 GB, added diced shallots and some Annie’s Garlic EVOO. Next I seasoned the meat with some Double Secret Steak Rub. Formed a bunch of slider burgers for later use this week. I...
  7. ACW3

    Bourbon Bacon Marmalade

    My wife and I ate at a new restaurant in town the other evening. They had something on the menu that deserves mentioning. It is called Bourbon Bacon Marmalade. Both my wife and I loved the flavor. I found a recipe online and decided that I needed to make some for home use. Here is the web...
  8. ACW3

    Another BBQ for Sparky???

    Check out this article about German Schwenker grilling. Creating A Schwenker World, One Backyard Grill At A Time : The Salt : NPR I'll bet Sparky has room for just one more toy in his backyard!! Art
  9. ACW3

    Cold Smoked Chocolate

    Check out this article. You may get more inspirations for new things to try. Smoked Chocolate, For National S'More Day And More : The Salt : NPR Art
  10. ACW3

    Non-BBQ Cooking Classes

    I saw an article in the Charlotte Observer several days ago. A chef from Johnson and Wales culinary school was offering three one day classes that sounded interesting to me. they are hands-on classes, not just demonstrations. The first class is on the classic French sauces. The second class...
  11. ACW3

    Different Approach to Making a Burger

    I watched a video recently (can’t recall where), but it had to do with making juicy pub burgers. I tried it tonight. My cardiologist will love me for it! Take 2 pounds of burger (I used 80/20), season it and add all your ingredients (I only added garlic powder and pepper) and melt one stick...
  12. ACW3

    Smokin' Again, Part 3

    This is the final part of this post. Time to put the main course together. I bought several tri-tips a while back. I now had enough time to try this one the MAK. I started out with the glue, an espresso balsamic. I put some Money on both sides and wrapped the tri-tip in plastic wrap and...
  13. ACW3

    Smokin' Again, Part 2 (Pork Belly Confit)

    This required a separate posting due to the number of pictures to show what was going on. Appetizer number 2 is a bit different than any appetizers I have seen. It is Pork Belly Confit. It is Jim Drohman’s recipe in Michael Ruhlman and Brian Polcyn’s book Charcuterie. This is a somewhat...
  14. ACW3

    Smokin' Again, Part 1

    Once we got back from our France trip, it seemed that the bottom fell out on just about everything my wife and were trying to do. It has been hectic, to say the least. Our calendar was suddenly jam packed with things that must be done, yesterday. It didn’t leave me a lot of time to do much...
  15. ACW3

    Burgers, Burgers, Burgers!!!

    Do you want to get your juices flowing, check out this article. Twenty-five best burgers in the US. I haven't eaten at any of these places. Have you? Best Burgers - Best Hamburgers in America - Delish.com Art
  16. ACW3

    Off To France

    We have started to pack for our trip to Paris and a river cruise to Normandy. I am looking forward to this for several reasons. Yes, wine is involved! Cheese, also. The scenery and the trip to Normandy are worth the trip alone. I will be checking out the food with thoughts of how to try...
  17. ACW3

    Two food groups in one…

    When I moved further south (from Virginia to North Carolina), I learned to really appreciate one of the South’s finer traditions, namely Pimento cheese. In my book this is a major food group. Here is one of my favorites. But when you can take one major food group and add it to another food...
  18. ACW3

    I'm Back and Smokin', Part 2

    It’s time to get the chicken into the Asian marinade. The marinade was a nice touch to the chicken. I wanted some Chinese green beans, but didn’t want to steam them. I took fresh green beans, and cut them into large bite-size pieces to cook on my Frogmats. I also cut up some spring onions...
  19. ACW3

    I'm Back and Smokin', Part 1

    Well, I decided it was time to try to cook a full meal now that my arm is out of the sling. I wanted to do something a bit different. With one arm in a sling, I had lots of web time to look for ideas. Here is what I came up with. First off, I wanted to make some shrimp and pork meatballs...
  20. ACW3

    Tacos al Carbon

    This is one my favorite dinners to serve good friends. Most people have never had it before. I got this recipe from a fellow co-worker who hailed from Texas. He spent a lot of time in the Houston area when this recipe became fairly famous in Texas. This is my version, which is pretty close...
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