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    First Pork Butt

    Here it is, first go at it and I believe it was a success. Injected with butter mixed with Siracha. Rub was a combination of Little Louie's Seasoned Garlic Salt and BPS's Cuckoo Racha Spicy Chili Dust. Put on MAK at 8 pm with temp at 225 degrees. Kept temp at 225 and pulled at 12 pm the...
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    Tri Tip Dinner

    Yummy in my tummy, two USDA Prime Tips straight out of the fridge, Applied Rub, then straight on the MAK set on smoke. Smoked until internal temp got to 105, about 1.5 hours. Turned up to 240 until internal temp of 155, an addition 1.5 to 2 hours. Pulled, tented with foil and rested about...
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    First Brisket Cook

    Started yesterday with injection at around 8 pm. 32 oz. beef broth, 1/4 cup BPS Money Seasoning, five minced garlic cloves and a little bit of Pepper. Put in sauce pan and warmed while stirring to dissolve the seasoning in the broth. Then waited until it cooled to room temp and injected the...
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    New Arrival

    Showed up today. 4.5 hours later, MAK 2 Star #3053
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    Thank You PelletSmoking.com

    Thank you for putting up with all my questions over the last months. I have ordered a 2 Star and it is coming my way hopefully very soon.
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    Pulled the Trigger - MAK 2 Star On The Way

    Just ordered this morning, thanks to everyone for the help and advise.
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    "Q" Pellets

    Anyone heard of these, have a friend who loves them.
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    BBQ Utensils

    What are some good brand tongs, spatulas, forks etc... To go with my new MAK 2 Star, yes it will be ordered very soon.
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    Is the site down? Can't get in.
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    BJ's Brewery

    I had the ribs last night at BJ's featuring Big Poppas Money Championship Rub. Pretty cool to see this on the menu. Ribs were great also.
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    Will there be a 2016 MAK 2 Star coming

    Anytime soon
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    Pellet Pro

    Anybody have any experience with the Pellet Pro grill?
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    Pellet Grill Cooking Surface

    I am looking at upgrading from my Traeger Texas Pro with its 884 sq. in. Of grilling surface and was looking at the Yoder 640S, but the Mak 2 Star is starting to look interesting. Why should I go with a Mak 2 Star General when the cooking surface is much smaller and the price is much much...
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