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    MAK 3 Star General Unboxing

    If anyone is interested I put together a little unboxing video of my new 3 Star. MAK 3 Star General Pellet Grill Unboxing and Setup! - YouTube
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    Mak 3 Star

    Any news on the 3 Star?
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    Remote Boss Issue

    My Remote Boss was working fine and has been for awhile but now it's stuck on "Connect Attempt". Is there some way to reset it or anything? Thanks
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    When to start? (Beef & Pork)

    I have a 8.3lbs pork shoulder and 10.6lbs brisket to cook together. My plan was to smoke for 2hrs then 220 until an IT of 195-200, foil around 165. I know each piece of meat is different but approx how long is that going to take? I want to pull it off at around noon and then FTC until...
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    Meat Probes

    Can you use the regular one and M1 Armored at the same time? Also are there extensions available to make them longer? Thanks
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    I see for both pork shoulder and brisket some people cook it for awhile then foil it and cook it longer whereas others don't foil. What are the pros and cons for each? I’m going to be cooking one of each for my wife’s b-day party and trying to figure out what’s the best way. I’ve done pulled...
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    Christmas Already?

    Ok maybe not but sure feels like it. :D It finally stopped raining long enough today to put the MAK together, take some pictures, and test it out.
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    I've been using a Bradley smoker for a few years but just put my order in for a MAK 2 Star from Big Poppa Smokers. Can't wait till it gets here! :D
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