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  1. jimsbarbecue

    Photobucket fix for chrome

    Photobucket Hotlink Fix - Chrome Web Stor when installed you can see photobucket photos like the one scooter has posted when using he chrome browser
  2. jimsbarbecue

    017 Smithfield Guinea Pig Matt Dalton Memorial Competition

    Less then a week away until the 2017 Smithfield Guinea Pig Matt Dalton Memorial Competition in California presented by Big Poppa Smokers. We are looking forward to this contest. Always a good time. It will be weird/sad not seeing and picking Matt Dalton brain for tips on BBQ. Currently getting...
  3. jimsbarbecue

    MAK new style flame zone

    New Style Flame zone is best change to date for MAK Grills! In the past weeks we have cook just about everything with the new style flame zone from slow smoking at 225 to high heat grilling at 500º. It shows they did their homework at MAK as this is right on right out of the box. Temp is well...
  4. jimsbarbecue

    Smithfield's King of the Smoker

    King of the Smoker should be on your bucket list if you have not been there. This year we even won a BPS drum smoker Myron Mixon made his first appearance at KOS and is as funny as can be I think there were even more drums that last year Tuffy held court and was full of knowledge...
  5. jimsbarbecue

    Replace wood patio with concrete

    Finally replaced our wood patio with concrete. A little larger which let us rearrange everything. The Hasty Bake is lacking the stainless look the other cookers have, something we may change in the future, either turning it into a gourmet or replacing with a stainless one. first meal was on the...
  6. jimsbarbecue

    MAK Metals

    I picked up two 1/4 thick pieces of steel plate. Wrap them with non stick aluminum foil and put them on the lower rack and fire up the MAK. Have used between 325 and 400 with great success. I know a MAK Griddle will do the same. Some fool overheated his in a self cleaning oven arrangement. Soon...
  7. jimsbarbecue

    Guinea Pig 2016

    Doing some practice for the Guinea Pig 2016 competition. Needing some practice, worked on Ribs and some Chicken . Only have photos of the ribs. Rub is sweet money sauce is IPO. The ribs need a little heat in the flavor profile. The chicken the skin not bite through yet. Cooked on a BPS...
  8. jimsbarbecue

    Pork Roast

    Did this pork roast for the Holidays. Here is the recipe: Season with Sweet Money Cook at 245 on a MAK until internal of 145 Slice and eat. Pretend it took a lot more effort
  9. jimsbarbecue

    Non Pellet Cooks

    First is a pork roast on the Ole Hickory Ace BP Cooked at 200 seasoned with Sweet Money Next Chicken Dinner on the Hasty Bake. We did change the temp gauge on the Hasty Bake so it is closer to the temp in the grill. The ribs in the picture were cooked days before and sealed in a...
  10. jimsbarbecue

    Tabanero Sweet and Spicy

    just wanted to share if you have not tried Tabanero Sweet and Spicy. You need to get some there are three flavors/heat levels with sweet and spicy being the mildest You can literally pour this on corn on the cob and eat it with no issues. Added to Swamp Boys BBQ sauce until the flavor pops. it...
  11. jimsbarbecue

    What is cooking for the Fourth of July

    Using the Thunderdome BBQ: Vortex​ on our Big Poppa Smokers​ EDS Drum Cooker to start the Fourth of July Celebration.The chicken was actually the other day. Today was corn on the cob with BPS Happy Endings spice. The Steak from Haggen Food & Pharmacy​ was seasoned with BPS Double Secret Steak...
  12. jimsbarbecue

    Memorial Day Ribs on the Ole Hickory Ace BP

    During the week our MAK grills get a work out cooking dinners. On the Weekends wehn time permits, we love to fire up the Ole Hickory Pits Ace BP. Did some ribs we took over to a friends party for appetizers. Getting ready to sauce. The pit has not been open since the ribs were put on
  13. jimsbarbecue

    Stuffed Chicken Breast

    About once a month we have dinner with a nice young Lady and Chef her name is Lindsey. Same name as our daughter just spelled different. Very talented and just fun to be around. Last week at her Class/Dinner Party. Lindsey made these stuffed Chicken Breast and after eating them I knew we had to...
  14. jimsbarbecue

    Guinea Pig 2

    Better then last year. My Wife and I competed on One BPS Drum. Our timing wasn't exact and the carry over cooking may have got us a tad overdone. This is such a fun event to know when you sign up how much you are going to spend,plus a tank of gas and one double bag of Kingsford. For a team that...
  15. jimsbarbecue

    The "King"

    The King of the Smoker treats the competitors like royalty. Don't believe me ask a team that has been to the King of the Smoker. the seminars after turn in we always look forward to. La Quinta at Night Steph from Simply Marvelous Operation BBQ Relief was there to serve the crowd. If you...
  16. jimsbarbecue

    Chicken on the Hasty Bake

    Marinade in the Marinade Express then on the Hasty Bake at 250º until the internal cook temp of 160º. this is with the Firebox in the low position and the heat deflector on. Once the chicken reaches the desired temp. we Raise the firebox to the top and cook the chicken 5 minutes on each side...
  17. jimsbarbecue

    Week Day Chicken and Tri Tip on the Ole Hickory Pits Ace BP

    Week day chicken. Have found a week day meal can be easily cooked on the Ole Hickory Pits Ace BP. With these not being a long cook all that is need is a chimney of charcoal. Cook this day was Chicken halves and corn on the cob.We have also filled two racks with chicken potatoes and corn with...
  18. jimsbarbecue

    Week Day Meal

    Our MAK and Ole Hickory Pits Ace BP get used as our major cooking tools. I have not posted much as we cook simple meals as most families do. Here is a two pictures I snapped a dinner of Salmon, Grilled Zucchini and Mushrooms. With Brussels sprouts that were first cooked in a little oil in the...
  19. jimsbarbecue

    Week day meals

    Just some week day meals using the MAK Griddle. Salmon. add a little oil then when you put the fish down move it around a little for about 15 seconds and it will keep it from sticking. You only need to move it back and forth about a 1/4 of a inch. Second dinner Steak which was seared in the...
  20. jimsbarbecue

    Easy ribs on the Ole Hickory Pits Ace BP

    Here is are some photos of ribs we took to a party. Sweet Money Rub Cooked n the Ole Hickory Pits Ace BP at 225º until done Sliced up and sauce with Head country sauce
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