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  1. Kite

    It's a small world

    I haven't been around this forum much over the past year or more as my wife and I are out cruising on our boat. Currently we are in San Diego and leaving for Mexico Monday morning. A couple of days ago the cruisers in the Harbor Island West marina (where we are berthed) got together up in the...
  2. Kite

    Breakfast, the BEST meal of the DAY!

    Okay, this is a very old recipe in my family. I have never heard of it / seen it anywhere else, but my family has been making this since I was a kid (just a couple of years ago). This will be my first try on the grill and I am thinking it is going to be awesome! We call it “Egg Bake” and it goes...
  3. Kite

    Endgrain Hickory Cutting Board

    This is for Pappymn (and anyone else that is interested, but Pappymn asked for pics ). My cutting board project is done. It was actually a lot of fun!! It is solid hickory - 2 inches thick and 15" X 20". Hickory is really an ideal wood for a project like this - it is just about as dense and hard...
  4. Kite

    Rib eye with fries, my oh my

    Bought a choice rib eye today at Cash and Carry (Smokinman88 – they are like $6.29/lb – it was about $100 for a full boneless rib eye – VERY fresh) and cut it into steaks (sorry, no butcher picks – too messy for one person to butcher and take pics). Anyway, kept out the ends for a little...
  5. Kite

    Meatloaf with a kick redux

    Okay, I know I posted this cook a few weeks ago, but believe it or not, it actually got better!!! First, and most important, as many of you already know, I am the proud owner of a new meat grinder! For those of you who don’t own one – do yourself a favor – BUY ONE! It is really *that* good. I...
  6. Kite

    Apple butter pork loin with scallop taters

    Started with the taters – here are the stars of the show Put the cream on to warm while I sliced the taters nice and thick Then layered the taters, cream mixture, and cheeses (you can never have *too* much cheese!) Put on the Memphis at 285 for about an hour. Meanwhile, got started on...
  7. Kite

    No contest this week?

    Just wondering if I missed it or we are taking a break..
  8. Kite

    Vacuum Sealer

    Okay, I know this was posted a little over a year ago, but things and people change. I am looking to update my old (very old) food saver. It seems I have 2 options - Cabelas CG15 or Vacmaster VP112. Does anyone have either/both of these units? And if so, would you buy the same thing again? Thank...
  9. Kite

    Meatloaf with a kick

    I decided to go with Meatloaf with a little kick to it.. here is how the fun began. I took 75% ground beef with 25% hot italian sausage and mixed. Then I chopped an onion, red pepper, and green pepper. Then cubed cheddar and pepper jack cheese. Mix all of this with the meat mixture. Then added...
  10. Kite

    Pizza a la Memphis

    How about a pizza.. REALLY great on a smoker. We start with a gluten free crust (gotta take care of the wife ya know..) Give it a good mixing This stuff is some of the stickiest stuff I have ever worked with! After a few trial and error runs I have finally figured it out. Spread it out on...
  11. Kite

    Fish Tacos.. yum yum!

    Okay, so continuing on the diet theme, this week it is fish tacos. Here is the fish doctored up with some lemon pepper, garlic salt, and a little EVOO Then on the Memphis at 275 for a little smoke In the mean time.. mix up some pico de gallo A quick splash in the very hot oil for the...
  12. Kite

    I'm going to the big "D" and I don't mean Dallas..

    .. and I don't mean divorce either (thank God and the love of my life). It's that aweful, filthy, dirty, scary word... diet! Actually, it's not all that bad. Jan and I both decided that my middle age (really, just middle age) ponch is getting a bit out of control so it is time to pay a little...
  13. Kite

    Grill Grates Sticking

    I am having trouble with my grill grates. When I cook burgers on them they always stick really bad. At first I wasn't getting them hot enough, but I think I have fixed that problem. They seem to sear just fine and cook at about the speed I expect. But burgers always stick. I have tried spraying...
  14. Kite

    Beef Jerky

    Sorry, no pics on this one. Just thought I would drop a line and tell you about my beef jerky. I made BPs recipe off the BP Smokers site - the first one on the list. Wow! It is awesome! I used bottom round steak and cut it against the grain. Then on the Memphis at 180 for 4 hours. I just took...
  15. Kite

    Turkey - help!

    So I am reading the manual that came with my grill (I know it is strange, my wife LOVES to tell everyone how I enjoy reading manuals.. seriously, I do) and I get to the section describing internal temps of different meats. I already have my next 2 cooks planned - ribs and then a turkey that I...
  16. Kite

    First Burn Job on Memphis Pro - a Fattie

    I was going to enter the contest, but there is no way my cook could be called Mexican. In any case, here we go. But first, I purchased my first grill accessory today - it is a must for a Pacific Northwest Griller Everyone said I had to break the new grill in with bacon, and I thought the...
  17. Kite

    Frogmats, what the heck?

    These things look great! And I can't wait to give mine a try. Buy holy moly, where in the world did that name come from? It surely doesn't *sound* like anything I want to cook my food on. Just curious..
  18. Kite

    Hi! My name is Mike and I'm an alcohol.. oops, wrong forum

    Hi Everyone - if you have a problem with alcohol, please excuse my attempt at humor. I truly mean no disrespect. Actually, my heart goes out to you. My family has/is battling alcohol. I am just very blessed and lucky that I am not a victim. Okay, enogh soap box and I won't do that again, just...
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