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017 Smithfield Guinea Pig Matt Dalton Memorial Competition


Less then a week away until the 2017 Smithfield Guinea Pig Matt Dalton Memorial Competition in California presented by Big Poppa Smokers.
We are looking forward to this contest. Always a good time. It will be weird/sad not seeing and picking Matt Dalton brain for tips on BBQ. Currently getting our gear together empty out the drums yesterday and having a new hitch carrier made to carry both drums or most any two of the BBQ's we have.Strongly considered taking one MAK and one Drum. With the carrier being new and untested will make the maiden trip with a lighter load.Will Post more photos of the contest later


New member
Did you make the carts with the wheels or buy them somewhere? If bought where did you get them. Was wanting something like that for my Charbroil SRG.
Thanks Jim. And Good Luck!


They are purchased items made for 55 gallon drums. We have the small wheels,had larger ones but it made it hard to reach in the drum as I am 5'7"


Jim, what happened to the tool hangers on your SS drum?
I'll be there to judge this one. Looking forward to it. I'll stop by to say hi Friday night.


a few photos from the event

I have posted a lot of photos on Facebook as it seems to be where everyone is now. All are on my smugmug site as usual.
Here are 10 to give you a little flavor of the event. Our fourth time at the Guinea Pig and we can't wait for the fifth one.
Sure wish there were more contest with this format and cost structure. Thanks to Smithfield and Snake River Farms for supporting and believing in this concept.










Meat Man

New member
It was great to see you and your wife Jim. I always enjoy your photos, see you next year. Thanks BPS for a great event!
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