2 day adventure for comfort food.


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I have been wanting pulled beef (since I never made it myself) and needed to prep for some lunches during the week...so this is a two day adventure in comfort food!

Rubbed a roast down with spicy mustard and brisket seasoning. Onto the Drum using lump and cherry pellets mixed in (running about 225)

About an hour in:

Pulled it around 155 and made a foil pan with Guinness, onions, mushrooms, roasted red peppers and some more seasoning: (the parts in the strained went on top once the roast went into the pool

Looks comfy! Back into the drum for a few more hours.

Pulled it when it hit 202 and let it rest for 30mins.

Pulled apart perfectly!

Plated it with Jasmine rice and Shock Top

My 4yo boy loves to make cookies and bought some premade dough... So these he made for dessert.


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Day 2. MAK was feeling lonely so this was a great thing to make her happy!

Using the pulled beef that is all mixed in the wonderful juice. I chopped it a little more and made the mushrooms smaller. Added some artichoke hearts (roasted and marinated from Costco)


Cooked some whole wheat rotini pasta al dente. and mixed in alfredo sauce with all the above items. Topped with gorgonzola, shredded mexican blend cheese and hot cherry peppers on smoke for an hour then bumped to 275.

Cooked some snack things for the kids (trying to clean out the freezer)

All done

Simple plating for a good stick to the ribs meal.

Wife and I sat at the table for a long time playing with our son so we kept snacking at the dish... I only have one lunch left from this.. hahaha... oh well

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!!
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