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28 lbs Bacon, Holiday Summer Sausage, Best Pepperoni to date, & some Pickles


I have been very under the weather (found out I have pneumonia earlier this week), so holiday cooking has been going slow, with a lot of help from my family, especially my son so I could stay away from the smoker/smoke as much as possible.

We got 28 Lbs of Cider-Mill bacon cured, smoked on the MAK...

And sliced.

Ten pounds each: Holiday Summer Sausage and pepperoni cured, stuffed & smoked. Most of this will go out as gifts.


I've been tweaking this recipe now for over four years, and this is by far the best pepperoni to date! :)

Oh... and I made a couple batches of quick Bread & Butter Pickles too.

Thanks for looking!


My hat is off to you amigo!! That all looks fantastic Cliff.
Hope you're back on the way to health quickly!
That looks great! Sorry to hear that you are under the weather. Hope you were still able to enjoy Christmas and New Years with your family!!


New member
Hope you're on the mend Cliff. Nice looking cook! I'm getting ready to do my second batch of bacon and need to revisit the appropriate thread. Got a few extra racks for more bacon tis time around. Still dying to try my hand at pepperoni. Care to share the details on how you do it (or link the the previously posted thread)?



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Cliff, It all looks good to me! One of these days I will build up the courage to make some sausages. Get well soon, my prayers are with you.
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