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I know it's not BBQ related but I think it gives a lot of insight into the man who brought us all here. I believe my co-worker (who is a huge music guy and diehard guitarist) actually found the blog when I mentioned to him who I bought my new grill from. He couldn't believe there was any connection between this grilling nut "Big Poppa" and Ernie Ball.

I've been trying for a while now to play guitar and my stubby, uncoordinated gimp fingers just don't seem up to the task. My 10 year old step-son on the other hand has some natural talent I think. Maybe someday if he's good enough I'll have to get him a MM guitar. For myself, I'm thinking maybe those fat little fingers were better suited for Bass so maybe a Sterling is in order someday.

Hope you don't mind me posting this here Big Poppa, if you do feel free to remove it but I thought it really goes to show the type of person you are and the drive you have to do something and to do it right. Just like your going to do with the Big Poppa Meat Locker right? ;)

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And here's a quick picture of my future rock star. My wife is a photographer so he'll never have to worry about pictures for the cover art of his first Album!


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I think blogs are a necessary evil today but I actually really just start typing. Sort of what's on my mind
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