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Hey Guys,
I will be heading back down to my place in Florida on August 3rd, so I finally get to do some smoking ( I don't have a smoker here in Toronto yet). I plan on doing some ribs, chicken, steaks and probably a pulled pork while I am down. I hope to do more, but for now that is the plan.
I am looking to get some new rubs and sauces from BPS.

I currently have on hand in Florida:
Blues Hog Sauce
Double Secret Steak Spice
Smoking Guns Hot rub.

I am looking to add to this collection and would like some suggestions.
I think "Money" will be one that I get for sure, I need some good suggestions for Chicken ( my daughters Fav)
Head Country sounds like it is a popular sauce as well.
Looking for any suggestions for any type of meat.

I can't wait to get down and try some of the things I have seen on this site.


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chicken & fish & veges = desert gold & money
pork = money & LL w/ P (little louie w/ pepper)
beef = DSSR & money (double secret steak rub)
4 men and a pig is great bbq sauce.


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I really like the money and happy ending for ribs, double secret for steaks and tenderlion roasts, yardbird for chicken.


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Rub wise:
Plowboys Yardbird - Chicken
Plowboys Bovine bold - Pork
BPS Double Secret - Any beef
BPS Happy Ending - Sprinkle on everything as it comes off the cooker.

I have to plug my own stuff also....
For Pork(butt, chops, or loins), and chicken wings - SoW Pork Marinade
For Chicken, Veggies, Fish, Steak - SoW BBQ Mariande

I use them prior to rubbing with the spices noted above.
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