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a little spicy butts.


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FBI Butts

ok, it goes like this. i lady friend of mine is in the FBI (how funny it that, sparky hanging out w/ the FBI). she's a real nice lady. a single mom to a teenage daughter. both of them are real gems. just really nice ppl. so last week she told me she can't get good pulled pork here in sacramento. she's from texas and likes some tang to her pulled pork. i can fix that. sparky that great to the rescue (i need to get me a cape).


went to costco and got me some butts. into my #336 they go. pellet boss time. smoke for 2 hours then 240º for the long haul.


see why i own a mak.


having a nightcap and a corona checking on the boys before bed.


5 am. got me a quad cappuccino going to kick start me this morning. sorry about the picture.


i smushed it down a little to break it up and dumped a 1/2 cup of apple juice on top. wrapped it up in 2 layers of foil.


my friend wanted to pull it w/ her daughter so into a ice chest and i took it over to them. she was real happy.


the end.


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You're a good friend Sparky! (Don't worry about the 5am shot, the quad cappucino showed up great, probably the most important thing in the shot at the time! :) )


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Hey Sparky.. .so you did not foil during the cook at all? Just when you put it in the foil after taking it off you broke it up a little and poured the apple juice on it? I want to simplify my PP by getting rid of the foil..

The butts look awesome by the way! Is that jerk seasoning spicy... I have been looking for a good jerk seasoning.


Looking good, smart move keepin the Feds happy, you never know when you'll need to call in a favor or two!


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Looking good, smart move keepin the Feds happy, you never know when you'll need to call in a favor or two!

lol, funny you should mention that. i did ask her to run my record. you know, just to make sure everything is copasetic. good news, no warrants. :) :) :) i only foiled at the end of cooking. yep, pulled at 195º and put in 2 layers of foil. i put my hand on top and pressed down to break it up. apple juice and then wrapped up and put in little ice chest for 2 or 3 hours (i bought little ice chest for my pork butts and briskets because i ruined some of my wife's towels (i thought they were our towels, i was wrong)). after 3 hours or so in the little ice chest the butts were still very hot. i use to foil at 185º or so. squirt doesn't use foil. i like the easy approach when smoking. i'm a lazy bbq'r. its eating good but relaxing too. i really like the jerk rub. i seen rip use it a few times so i wanted to give it a try. it's good. not to spicy. everyone in my family liked it. got to order some more. for two butts i almost used the whole bottle. i need to win this weeks contest. hint, hint. ;)
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Oh yeah, Jerk rub is great! Got my daughter (the really picky one) to eat fish with Jerk rub...about that towel thing, had the same problem, stay tuned I'm working (ok the wife is) on a solution.... :cool:
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