A public "thank you" to MAKDADDY


Over the last two days I have smoked 18 butts in MAK 2 Star 829. I had just placed the last 9 in the smoker when I noticed that 829 was really struggling to come up to heat. All at once an alarm went off warning me of a flame out and to check the hopper. I turned it off and turned it back on. Still struggled to come up to heat. In a state of panic(the butts were being smoked for 9 other people), I called Bob Tucker on his cell phone at NIGHT! He answered and I explained the dilemma. The first thing he did was to calm me down. Then he told me a couple things to check. Did all of the things he suggested, PRESTO, problem solved. Bob even called me back later just to make sure that all was well.

How is THAT for customer service? Thanks much Bob. You literally saved my butts.
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How is THAT for customer service? Thanks much Bob. You literally saved my butts.

LOL, always glad to help!
Is it weird that whenever I hear or see the word pastrami I instantly think of you? Still use your recipe every time I make it, perfection!


Larry, I'm amazed that a seasoned pellet pitmaster like you would ever be in a panic during a cook!!! lol

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Bob is always there when you need him...The entire MAK family really does care about this whole habit of ours!

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Same Great Customer Service from Mak.... When we received our new Mak1, it did not ignite. I placed a call directly to Mak and they walk me thru the process, found out the pellet boss was not connected on the inside, the customer service is awesome. Please don't change...Thank you Mak for making a GREAT pellet grill right here in the USA, and in my home state of Oregon.
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