A turkey question...

Spey Rod

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I was given a 24lb organic turkey for christmas. It is in the freezer waiting to be cooked. I am sure it is way to big to effectively cook on the Mak.

Can I split it and cook 1/2 at a time? Is the size issue total mass or the breast thickness on a bigger bird?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Not sure what the gurus on this site will say but as a novice here goes my 2cents.

It would be difficult to cook whole and get the breast and dark meat temps & moisture correct. My suggestion would be to remove the backbone and split that bird into quarters. Then you can monitor temps of the different meats. Our family preference is to brine for enhanced flavor. I am sure others will chime in for adding flavor (inject, brine)

Good luck and let us know what method is used and how it turned out.


It's not too big to fit into your MAK whole. That big of a bird will yield a lot of meat so if it's only for you or you and a significant other, I'd split it in two and freeze the other half then cook half a bird. Half the bird will yield plenty of meat for two for dinner and many versions of left overs.
I personally don't brine although sometimes I do inject.


Splitting & cooking 1/2 of it at a time should work well, or like BP suggests, Spatchcock it (butterfly). Either way should work just fine.
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