Accessories for my new pellet grill

I am new to the forum and to using pellet grills. I just purchased the 2020 ZGrills ZPG 1000D , I am wondering what is the main accessories I need to get , I am aware of a few ,, grill basket for veggies, Meat probe , Is there any others that you may suggest? Also where is the best place to go shopping for accessories?? Thanks


Welcome to the site. I'm one year into pellet grill cooking next month (Feb).
I've been using vertical (Big Chief & Bradley) smokers for more years than I care to think about. :)

My meat thermometer is a 4-probe model with 3 for the meat and one for the grill. Trust me, a 1-probe unit won't cut it. :D Another must will be some insulated food gloves to handle the VERY large & hot foods coming off the grill. Also, since you WILL have lots of ash left after cooks, a good shop vac is also needed. The smaller ones have smaller hoses that work better for getting into the nooks and cranny's of the grill.

And since pellet grills aren't the best for awesome smoke production, any one of the after market smoke tubes will also be nice to have. I use mine on almost every cook. I don't think you can overdo the smoke enhancement. You'll figure out other accessories you want/need as you get into it, but these will give you a good start. Again, welcome and happy cooking to you.


Welcome to the forum!

The first place I'd suggest to look for at least some of your accessories, is the sponsor of this forum. Buying at least something from there helps keep this forum going. :)

I love some of the BPS rubs/seasonings: BPS Little Louie's seasoned garlic salt W/Black pepper & Jallelujah Jalapeño seasoned Salt are two of our favorites. We use both on darn near everything from any and all meats to veggies.

Other accessories:

Second tier shelf (if your pit didn't already come with one).

Definitely a wireless food probe/thermometer. I've had excellent luck with a Maverick, and the ThermoWorks Smoke also gets high ratings. Like Dubob said, a single probe thermometer won't cut it!


Some kind of grate lifting tool

I second Dubob's suggestion on a good set of food-safe high temp gloves. I highly recommend these: Neoprene Double Insulated Gloves | BBQ Gloves | Big Poppa Smoker I have a pair and absolutely LOVE them! They're super awesome when pulling pork.
Thanks for the replies, I will certainly check out BPS, The smoke tube is a great idea, and the Jalapeno seasoned salt sounds amazing.. I am considering a stand up rubbermaid storage cabinet to place next to the grill to keep all my accessories close by ..

Thanks again for the help. The new grill arrives tomorrow..


Thermoworks Thermapen instant read thermometer
Harbor Freight cotton gloves (green stripe, not the yellow)
Sturdy exam gloves to go over the cotton gloves
Maverick ET732 wireless dual probe thermometer

A word about the vacuum suggestion. Be sure to get one with a filter that’s rated to handle fine particulate ash or your vacuum will become an ash redistribution device taking the ash from your firebox and distributing it around your deck. A lesson I learned the hard way.
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