Another Contest! Whoop Whoop Waa Laa!

Chili Head

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Every week you guys inspire me and I see something I just have to try. Well done everyone! Everything looked great this week!

We had nine players this week in no particular order.

SoupyJones - Steak and salad
Tatonka - Ribeye and Money Shrimp
Rip - Beef Filets and Ribs
FLB - Sunday School Pulled Pork
RickB - Smoked Chicken Breast on Fettuchini with Mushroom and Asparagus Cream Sauce
Jimsbarbeque - Sandwich
Scallywag - Smoked Chicken, mushroom and onion filled crepes
MossyMo - Seasame Partridge and beef kabobs
RickB - London broil , fried polenta cakes with mushroom ragu.

Here we go!
In third place - Scallywag!
Really nice cook Scallywag. Your filling did it for me and I bet it was good! Just give me a bowl of that and leave me alone! Your crepes turned out good too! I hope you had a wonderful birthday..Happy belated birthday bud!

Second Place - MossyMo!
I can taste that partidge now! It's been a few years since Ive had any but I know there tasty lil buggers! Your marinated kabobs look outstanding!

First Place - RickB
Rick your London Broil with fried polenta and wild mushroom ragu was a thing of beauty! Magazine worthy pictures and descriptions..Nice job!

Thanks for playing everyone!
Thanks BP for hosting!


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Congrats RickB and MossyMo!! Thanks for judging Chili and thanks BP for letting us play! Tough week to judge everything looked awesome!


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Congrat's MossyMo and Scallywag. Nice cooks. Kudos to Chili for judging this week, and as always thanks to BP for providing a forum that let's us show our stuff. Always a pleasure.
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