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Another Sunday chicken dinner. fairly simple


one of my favorite MAK chicken recipes. Very simple to make. aka, 40 cloves of garlic and a chicken.
The supporting cast:
Roasted baby zuchini's and sugar snap peas
Roasted crimini mushrooms and onions
Grilled artichokes with balsamic vinegar, EVOO, crushed garlic and herbs brushed on
Brown rice pilaf

Take a whole chicken and cut up into pieces. I also cut the breast in half. This was a taste test of Mary's Pasture Raised chicken. A farm in the south east end of San Joaquin valley of CA where they raise these critters on a non GMO, no animal by product, 100% vegetarian diet, no antibiotics, no hormones of any kind and spend their lives (12 weeks) roaming in a pasture and roosting like chickens would if given the wide open spaces these chickens have.
Anyway, coat with roasted garlic EVOO and a simple rub like Little Louie's W/pepper. Put in a large pyrex dish. Crush the cloves and coat with EVOO add to the chicken and add some fresh thyme. That's it. Into the MAK at 400F until 165IT in the breast.

Roasted baby zuchini's and sugar snap peas are done

Grilled artichokes are done and were fabulous!

Chicken is done

Crimini's are done

Plated with the now roasted garlic cloves. So good!

Spey Rod

New member
Very nice!

We went a little simpler with spatchock chicken and roasting potatoes hit with evoo and little louies. My wife is a salt lover so she now has a favorite! Our normal side are baby carrots, sliced peppers and snow peas.


WOW look at all that garlic. I haven't seen a dish that utilizes garlic as a vegetable like that in a long time.

I love grill zucchini too.

Very nicely done!


New member
Looks really good, Scooter!

So what was the verdict on the pasture raised chicken? Could you tell a difference in the flavor or texture?


I didn't do a side by side so hard to tell the difference. Skin was very white and not much of a fat layer so was much thinner than say Foster Farms chicken skin. Come to think of it, the fat was very white also. Taste and texture were both excellent but I'd need to compare side by side to really get a feel for if it were more tender or juicy or had a more deep flavor than the mass market chicken available in supermarkets.
It was very good!
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