anybody heard of the GRILLA


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I was at the local MAK dealer today and a rep for the GRILLA stopped in to show off his grill. Anybody heard of them? They are made in the usa. Actually they are made 4 miles from my house. If you haven't seen them check them out they are definitely interesting. Looks to me like they would compare to the gen1...but I'm a newb so what do I know?


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Yes I have heard of them. It is a nice grill that performs well but IMHO you get too small of a grill/cooking area for the price. If they had a larger cooking area they could justify their premium price

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I agree with muebe...I also am concerned with the sliding doog getting greasy and gunky...Thom Emery here will give an opinion..(but he works for them...hehehe)

Thom Emery

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I have two of em here
And yes I work in the marketing dept of Grilla

We call it driving a Corvette
20 inch on the main grill (top shelf is half circle)
The performance is quick and responsive to temp
High quality American build
Really is a show stopper I use them when I am out on the Bulls Eye BBQ Sauce Tour
Web decorum dictates I would not post links and pictures without asking


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+2 with muebe. @ 20", even with a half upper shelf standard, $1500.00 is to little bang for the buck. The $1500.00 price point is getting crowded:
*MAK 1 Star with flame zone option
*Memphis Select with side shelves
I should know, because this is where I'm stuck. It doesn't help that I have no place to go to see these PGs in action.
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