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Baby Back Ribs with garlic mash, garden fresh carrots and salad


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Three babies, the top one with gunpowder/hasty bake, middle with Plowboys Bovine Gold, the bottom one with Money/Head Country Championship rub.

On to the UDS with a good handful of apple pellets for some smoke love.

We're lookin' good...

Foiled for an hour then back on the grill for some Bulldog sauce for the last half hour.

All sliced up and ready for the crowd.

Plated ribs with garlic mashed potatos, garden fresh carrots with a nutmeg honey butter glaze, garden fresh salad with ground cherries and tomatoes.

On to the dessert.....
This is called "Magic Peach Dessert"
It starts out with a custard dish turned upside down in the center of the pie plate.

Skinned, sliced peaches fill the pie plate with a dusting of cinnamon. Melted currant jelly is poured over the peaches and then coverd with shortcake dough rolled and tucked to the inner edges of the pie plate.

Out of the oven for a very short rest.

Then a platter is placed over the pie plate and quickly inverted. The pie plate's still in place. Wait! What's that? The once empty custard cup is full of juice. Hey, I know magic when I see it!



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With the pie plates removed and the custard dish full of drizzling sauce.

I started the creme fraiche the day before so it would be ready, then mixed in half a bottle of Peche Lambic.

The finish! The light tartness of the creme fraiche infused with the peach lambic was a refreshing compliment to the natural sweetness of the peaches.

Thanks for looking!


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the ribs look great. they cook so well on the drum. but that dessert. oh ya. now were talking. i want some. now plz.....


Nice meal! That is one awesome looking desert, and that is some trick with the custard cup in the middle of the peaches. :)


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Thanks all for your nice comments. It was fun to make and even funner( I'm making that a word) to eat! Deb, if you're going to make this dessert, the custard cup has to be the same height as the pie dish or it won't work.

I'm surprised nobody asked what a ground cherry is.(in the salad):confused::confused:
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