Backyard SmokiN


A little backyard cooking for ya!

Some baby back ribs with Little Louie, Money and Jallelujah!

Heres another look

Next I cut jalapeNos in half took off the stems added some cream cheese then wrapped some bacon. I added a lil Sweet Money :cool:

Cut some corn added Desert Gold and sprayed it with Vegetable oil Mmmmm

In they go! 225 degrees in the upper rack

After 2 hours I foiled! I didn't take pictures of the process (I was in the zone) i'll tell you what I did.
I added some Organic Agave on foil paper then placed the ribs on top, then I added agave on the ribs directly and added some mango apple juice, then I foiled it....
Back to the smoker

I threw in my jalapeNos and some medium links :eek:
Here's another view:

The jalapeNos mysteriously disappeared!!

(2 hours later at 300 degrees) I had to hurry and put some Blues Hog Smoky Mountain on the ribs!

Sorry I didn't have better pictures, they were gone before I knew it :D
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