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Mike Burke

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Hello, I'm new to pellet smoking/grilling. We just bought our Traeger Pro22 a couple weeks ago. Liking it so far.
Have done..pork chops, hamburgers, pork burgers, pulled pork, baked potatoes, pizza....the family likes everything so far.

I am looking/asking for a Basic rub recipes for pork and one for beef. Should I use the same one for both or is there a difference between Beef rub and Pork rub ?

Any suggestions for a Basic rubs I could try ? Favorites that you like ?

I would go to BP's site. He has a lot of great rubs for both. Some rubs work for well for both, but in my opinion; I think there are some rubs that definitely make pork shine and some that are great for beef profiles. You'll just have to try different rubs and find out what you and your family like. That's what's great about bbq. Lots of personal experimentation to get where you wanna go and there are a lot of great people on this site to help you with your journey. Welcome to the forum!!


First, Welcome to the forum!

I like the Big Poppa Smokers Little Louie's garlic seasoning salt with Black pepper, and the Jallelujah Jallapeno seasoning salt as good all around seasonings on just about anything you can think of; any meat, fish, veggies, even popcorn.

The "Smokin' Guns - Sweet Heat and Gun Powder" (also available on BPS website) are both great all around rubs for beef, pork or chicken.


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Take a look at Big Poppa's rub pack special if you like some heat. I can't handle much heat, but all of the rest in the pack get used frequently in our house. The Desert Gold goes with most anything-fish, veggies, chicken...I even like it on my eggs in the morning.


Welcome aboard! Agreed, Big Poppa's is a good place to start!

Lately for ribs I've been using a duo of Killer Hog's(Malcom Reed) - The BBQ Rub followed by A1's Sweet Mesquite then sauced at the end.

Mike Burke

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Thank you for the Welcome
I will buy some of BPs
I would also like to make some myself. I'll some looking around
I did pork chops on the Traeger the other night. My wife..who doesn't really like meat said those were the Best pork chops
she had Ever had. WoW
I'm liking the Traeger so far.


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My go-to rub for brisket:
1/4 cup coarse salt
1/4 cup freshly ground black pepper
1 Tbsp BPS Cash Cow

Scale these proportions to your meat quantity... Simple and utterly amazing.

Mike Burke

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I'v been searching and found a lot mentioned about


looks like a good basic seasoning for smoking.
I'm going to try some recipes for this stuff.
And...I did place a order for some BPS seasonings...should be here soon


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When I was new to smoking, like most people I experimented with lots and lots of rub recipes. Over the years I often heard people with many more years of experience often say that the best rub for beef was just plain old salt and pepper. I have come to the conclusion that they are right. Although for Tri Tip I will add more ingredients.
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