Bflodan at the wheel for this weeks contest! Everybody enter and soak me

Big Poppa

Ok its coolin down and I want to see some rip snortin good smokin

first place $25 credit to Big Poppa Smokers
second place $15 credit to Big Poppa Smokers
third place $10 credit to Big Poppa Smokers

$5 credit to Big Poppa Smokers to everyone else1



Here is a simple (no surprise) cook
Take Halibut in 1/2 pound pieces
Rub with oil . I used Annie's roasted red pepper flavor
Season both sides with McCormick's Grill Mates Salmon seasoning. let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes before grilling at 375º 5 minutes a side or until internal temps are over 125º
If you can't find the Grill Mates salmon seasoning DO NOT substitute another brand, use Big Poppa's Desert Gold. Both the Desert Gold and Grill Mates are wonderful on all seafood.



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Pork Tenderloin Kabobs With Black Cherry Glaze
I sliced the tenderloin into kabob size piece and coated the pieces with Annie’s EVOO. Then I mixed my own rub of cayenne, cumin, cinnamon, clove, Kosher salt and ground black pepper. I coated the meat with the rub, bagged it and put it in the fridge over night.

Then on to the grill with a mix of cherry and oak pellets along with a stuffed Portobello mushroom filled with grilled corn, scallions, garlic, black beans, barley, diced tomato and a little grilled Chourico sausage.


I basted the kabobs frequently with black cherry sauce for a nice glaze.


And the grand plating

The kabobs were perfectly cooked. They were moist and tender with a pleasant kick from the cayenne and hint of sweetness from the black cherry sauce. The mushroom was delicious! I only tasted a bit and saved the rest of them for another meal.
Thanks for looking.


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That looks really good. I haven't done kebobs in a long time. It may be time, real soon.



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got me a chicken

a little evoo and desert gold on a spatchcock chicken, neck and heart on grill grates (i love my grill grates).


threw a packet of hickory pellets down.


look at that color. simply marvelous darling...


oh, smokey. you know how hard it was to take the picture w/ the weber smoking and to get marley to walk by together. i am a photo genius.


oops, we lost the heart. shucks...


ohh, ahh.


looks like a little soldier standing at attention.


nice job sparky. good skin.


and WAA LAA. hickory smoked bbq'd chicken, cranberry sauce, stove top stuffing, green beans, watermelon and a nice big glass of milk. a perfect dinner.


thank you, thank you. ya'll are clapping now, i am taking a bow. lol....
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Sparky, that chicken is beautiful!!

TH, I've got left overs and I'm closer...... just sayin'.......


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I'm starting at Susan's then going to Sparky's :) I'll pick you up on the way & will bring leftovers from Susan's.

got the frig full of FT and some other goodies too. ;) bring your bathing suits and flippers. :cool:


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Leftover Pulled Pork Pizza

I've been waiting for a looooong time to be able to do a pizza. Since I have my new Memphis Advantage it was one of the first thing I wanted to do! A pic of the ingredients...Mozzarella and Jack cheese, finely sliced red onion, chopped pig candy (smoked bacon with cayenne pepper and dark brown sugar), chopped pulled pork and Pepper Plant BBQ sauce. I got my pizza dough from my favorite local pizzeria!


Applied Pepper Plant BBQ sauce...Sweet and Tangy, perfect flavor for this pizza!


Tossed on the chopped pulled pork


Another pic of the pulled pork...I couldn't resist.


Layered Jack and Mozzarella cheese


Topped the pizza with chopped pig candy then red onions


Set the Memphis to 425F and placed the pizza directly onto the grill for about 12 minutes. It was perfect!



A great way to utilize leftover pulled pork that I will do again and again!


Hey a long lost member! Welcome back Spinny.

Great looking pizza! I love that combo of smoked meat, BBQ sauce, cheese & Red onion for BBQ pizza. Add some roasted red pepper and I'm in heaven!


Reverse Sear Ribeyes

Nothing fancy, just some good steaks done the way we like.

The reverse sear method is one of the best things I've learned from this site. It works like clockwork every time to cook steaks perfectly!

The wife picked up three beautifully marbled ribeyes on her way home from work. We seasoned them up with some Little Louie's & fresh cracked black pepper.

Onto the Stoven at 250° with Black Walnut pellets, until an I.T. of 120° was reached. Took them off to rest under some foil & cranked the temp up. Then back on for about 3 min. per side for a sear.

Served up with a little Sharp American Mac & Cheese, Grilled Tomato & avocado.

They were super juicy & had a great smoke flavor from the Black Walnut.

Let's hear it for the Reverse Sear!


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wow.. Looks great everyone pizza, chicken, steak, fish and on and on...
if I wasn't hungry before I am now.
I hope to post an entry this weekend, have had a lot going on the pass couple of weeks.
Including moving
You guys have been driving me crazy with all these great posts
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