Big Contest! Where's Winter? Enter to win!


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I don't feel picked on. I've been married 30 years. Your going to have to talk to my wife and figure out how she does it. Congrats to all the winners. Next weekend I won't be sick. Watch out ppl.


Chili Head

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Congrats Deb and Mossymo!
Thanks NorCal for judging and BP for hosting!
The entries looked great again this week!


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Congrats Chili & MossyMo

Thanks NorCal for judging, BP for letting us play here

Everything looked awesome


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Congrats go out to Chili Head and Deb, and to all that entered it was another week of top notch entree's... must have been difficult to judge, but a big thanks to NorCal Smoker for getting the job done and Big Poppa for having these contests!


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Great cooks all around. Congrats to the winners. That being said, I gots to have me some of that onion soup!


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but you are all flipping your ribs mid cook...You guys are the only cooks I know that want the meat side to get that kind of heat.

your going to have to change the BP rib video then. i just doing what i was taught by you. lol.....


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Great job the top three. Those were all some wonderful cooks. Maybe after I get my arm out of this sling, I'll be back to give all of you a run.

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