Big Poppa Final 2016 Comp Results

Big Poppa

It was a long season so I may milk the results. Big Poppa Smokers cooked 25 KCBS Contests; We finished 3rd overall, 17th chicken, 18th #Smithfield Ribs, 8th Pork and 7th #SRF Brisket. We cooked in 8 states and had 10 Grand Championships, 4 Reserve Grands. 15 category firsts. We earned 2 180's and 9 700's. Our scoring average was 691.9010.

We continued our iron man streak of not being out of the top ten in a regular kcbs event....over 50 consecutive comps in the top ten

We were the 2016 CBQQA California Team of the Year

WE won the inaugural 2016 Tri State Champion...the team with the best wins in California, Nevada and Arizona


Such an outstanding season for you and James!! I saw you at the AR during the Sunday awards. When it was over Chris and I were filing out down at the front and you ran right by me. I would have stopped you but you had the look on your face like you were trying to catch up to someone so I didn't try to stop you.
Congratulations on an outstanding 2016. May the best of 2016 be the worst of 2017 for you!
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