Boneless, skinless, sand hill crane breast


How would you cook or have you cooked it on your pellet grill? I brought home breasts from 8 birds bagged in Texas a couple weeks ago and would like to start with a smoked cook. The one after this will be a sous vide cook. Any of you Texas BBQ Masters have any advice?


Wow, that's a toughie! It's considered an endangered species here in Ohio, so I've didn't even know they were harvested by hunting, let alone ever seen Sand Hill Crane breasts being cooked.

I googled "crane breast recipes" and it looks like there are recipes out there.

I'd probably try marinating and cooking them like you would chicken breasts.


Decided to keep it simple. Washed the breasts to rid them of any blood from the packaging (vacuum packed). Dried them with paper towels. Coated then with EVOO and Heaven Made Texas Best Beef Rub. Set pellet grill to low smoke (160*F) and inserted a temp probe in each breast. I pulled them when the IT hit 125*F; wrapped in foil and a towel; rested for 90 minutes.

Here they are with EVOO & rub; ready for the grill:

This is the rub I used:

Here is the finished product ready for the table - perfect medium rare, very moist, very tender, and delicious:

Sorry, there aren't any leftovers for y'all to try. Maybe next time - NOT!
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