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BPS Sam's National BBQ Championship results

Big Poppa

BPS went to Bentonville for the finals of the Sam's They call it the National Championship Ill take it. Missed gc by a couple of points and rgc by a half or so...4th over all 6th ribs and in brisket we followed up our 180 at the Royal with a Perfect Perfect 180 (a normal 180 is all nines from 5 judges, the sixth judge dropped, a perfect perfect is all six judges giving you 9's) in brisket. The first perfect perfect in contest history. I was pretty happy to have two perfect scores the royal and sams.

we got 700.5 points our 4th or 5th 700 and our sixth 180 of the season

Big Poppa

the injection is called cattleprod and the rub is cash cow it is in the hands of the endorsed teams only and has many first and a ton of 180"s


Love the names! When will the injection and rub be available to non endorsed teams?

Very solid results from Sam's and the Royal Sterling, congratulations! I hope you never loose the thrill of 700's and 180's!
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