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Brine with Chicken Prod?


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Hey guys I'm smoking a bunch of wings tomorrow and wanted to brine them first. Would you guys recommend using BPS Cattle Prod for a brine? I have my goto brine for wings but was curious about using Cattle Prod. Thanks in advance =)
I saw nobody answered. I guess you’ll have to be the guinea pig. I wouldn’t think a beef brine would be great for chicken but you never know. Let is know if you tried it out.
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Usually a brine has salt & sugar & can have many other spices added to it. It’s mostly to keep food moist but they add flavor as well.


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I have used Chicken Prod for brining. It works great. I don't remember the brine time, probably a couple, maybe three hours. Chicken brines pretty quick. Very moist chicken.


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My go to for chicken is a cup of brown sugar, half cup of kosher salt and a gallon of water for my fast brine. Refrigerate chicken in brim for a minimum 12 hours

If I have time, Alton Brown’s Turkey brine recipe is amazing and my go to every holiday season.
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