brined smoked turkey; fresh or frozen?


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I plan to get a minimally processed turkey to cook in my pellet grill. I plan to wet brine it and wonder if it really matters if I purchase a frozen or fresh turkey? With today's flash freezing processes I often think that frozen foods are as good as fresh.
But what about turkey? Since I will brine it, does it really matter if the bird starts out fresh?

What do you think?


I used to brine a frozen Butterball (thawed). Due to space issues (small refrigerator), I now buy already brined birds. However, the Butterballs always came out great. I think the cooking method has more to do with how well the bird comes out.

I now spatchcock mine and cook at high temp - gets the breast and dark meats done at the same time with crispy skin. Cooks in about 90 minutes.


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If I really want to have a personalized brined turkey I will buy a "fresh" turkey rather than a "frozen" turkey.
Yes, both will taste great - but for smoking and brining it is fresh all day long.
It's just me, but I wanted to add my two cents. :rolleyes:
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