brisket and butt


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First packer and maybe my 2nd or 3rd butt. Hurry and get them trimmed, rubbed, and on the Mak in less than 30 min. Have to leave to my 6 year old's soccer game. She is kicking some rear. pretty proud dad watching her beat up on those other kids.

Added a foil bath of apple juice.

internal temp around 150 time to foil with a little apple juice.

separated and getting ready for FTO (foil, towel, oven).

time to dice up and give this burnt ends a go

Off comes the butt

that was easy

Time to eat

A little light but I was stuffed from quality control.

not too bad. buddy picked some up in Bend Oregon a couple weeks back and gave me one to try

Off come the burnt ends. so stuffed but OK i can give one or two a try

Not too bad. Burnt ends would have been better had I not been so stuffed. Most of the pork fed the crew at work the next day. Might have a little left over for lunch tomorrow. The guys loved it. I thought it wasn't too bad. Maybe a little over cooked but what will the guys know. Brisket was good but could have used something to kick up the flavor a bit. Not sure what but something. maybe inject? Rub? No apple juice. Don't worry still good and it won't go to un-eaten.


Excellent first brisket! Finding what flavor profile fits you is part of the journey! Enjoy it!
Lots of things you can do with brisket at the end. Separate the fat from the jus and lets the flat slices sit in it. Maybe mix a little BBQ sauce with some of the jus then brush it on the flat then put the whole flat on a grill to carmelize the jus/sauce a little then slice.


Great looking cook. That's one wicked smoke ring on both the Butt & the Brisket.

Those burnt ends wouldn't have lasted long around me.


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Wow Spectacular cook. After seeing your post I am ready to give brisket another try. Its been my achilles heel thus far.

Many thanks for sharing the cook and pictures !
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