Brisket and Chicken for Fajitas


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To celebrate my wife's birthday we wanted to do a version of fajitas.
Prepped the Brisket with chili lime and peppered Cow then let site for 6 hours in plastic wrap.

On the smoker at 1am (we were having a few beers with friends so figure put it on before bed :)

1am Smoke I love my MAK! Set to 225.

Hit 170 around 7am. Boated with onions on the bottom beef broth worchester and a little lime/cilantro.

Marinated the chicken in fajita. Used the griddle and grill part to cook off the veggies (onions,peppers and zucchini) and the chicken.



And sliced:

The party is busy and I did not take pictures of the assembled fajitas. We made a bar out of salsa , sour cream, corn, cheese, jalapanos, and a fruit salad.

It was a great DAy!


It sounds like you took a brisket and turned it, along with some chicken & veggies, into a great fajita bar! I bet your wife was a happy lady.

P.S. Now I'm going to have to try zucchini in my fajitas next time!


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I should have taken more pictures, but you get caught up enjoying the family and friends.

I made a Pablano Pepper sauce that I put the chicken in which came our really well. I cooked and chopped the chicken ahead of time then put it all in the sauce. Reheated it before the dinner.

Zucchini gives the veggies a slightly different taste which we enjoy.
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