Buffalo Wing Drummies & Cold Beer!!


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I have a huge weakness for Hot Wings..... well if we are being completely honest..... both Hot Wings and Beer. I just can't turn either of them down!!

Start by seasoning both sides of the wings with Owens BBQ Buffalo Wing Brat Seasoning. Yes, it is a Brat seasoning but it makes a killer hot wing seasoning as well!!

Onto the BGE using the Vortex to allow for indirect cooking. Added some hickory chunks above the flames to add some smoke flavor.

Tossed the drummies into some Tastefully Simple Spicy Garlic Parmesan Wing Sauce and then back onto the grill. I love this sauce, it is not overly spicy and loaded with flavor!!

Drummies are sauced and back on the grill for the sauce to set.

Finally done!! Spicy drummies and a cold beer. Marty and I enjoyed plenty of both!! :D

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