Built my Drum!


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I figured this is still good to post here also, since most of us like this type of thing!

My neighbor and I decided to build these together and after finally finding a guy that had food grade barrels for sale we ordered out kits.
We could not find a place to sandblast it near us so we decided to drill all the holes on drum and have a couple bonfires.
WE have to admit the drilling was a little more work than we thought, but after a few beers it went much smoother.

All drilled out:

Added a bunch of wood (and the packing paper came in handy

Added a little of our inner Redneck to stoke the fire;

Paint pealing right off and the inside is flaking off:

After a couple hours we put the lids on to let them also feel the burn.
Next afternoon:

We both pressure washed inside and out really well. The inside was very clean after this. I used a sanding pad to go through the entire inside and washed it again.
While I was at work my wife spray painted the barrel, it was a really nice surprise!!
I enlisted my 4year old to help assemble:


And most importantly he went inside to reach all the bottom --He dd awesome and even yelled at me for moving the screw too much on the outside.. haha.

And done!

All in all it went together really well. We were both excited about how everything lined up and how well the bottle opener functioned!


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I seasoned the drum with Crisco and a paint brush to get it all covered well.

First cook was baby backs. I normally always foil but I decided to let them be with nothing other that some glue (CYM and BP LL w/pepper, habanero garlic dust and a some chipotle flakes.

Started the chimney (love this thing)

Drum holding about 250 and added the rids:

Added some tomatoes, onions and bell pepper to be added to the rice later:

About 4.5 hours or so the ribs had a nice bend to them without falling apart. Temp stayed about 240 the whole time.

Sorry for the crappy picture, but they came out really good. Completely different flavor than from the MAK.

We are going to like this thing!!!!


What type of wood chunks did you use? Thank you for the pictorial! I'm very close to pulling the trigger on a drum kit from BP.

Big Poppa

scooter there is a drum locaton the drum smoking forum that may have your city...craigslist is a huge source


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Thanks for the positive comments. I really like this unit it is a lot of fun to build and more stable than I expEcted to cook on. This cook I Only used charcoal to get a reference for future cooks the next day I did beef short ribs and added some perfect mix pellets into the charcoal. Man there was some pretty smoke from it!

Sorry deb it was Sat that I cooked them and none were left haha

I found a guy on Craigslist with barrels


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It had the red lining on it that all the food ones seems to have. It probably is better to sand blast, but I could not find someone and did not want to spend a ton of money on it. After a really good burn (the leaf blower helped :D ) and scrubbing it and pressure washing it.. it was really clean.
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