Can Contest get anybetter? Only One Wau to Find Out! ENTER!


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Chilli I am glad that I was not in your shoes this week. There was just to much to choose from anywhere tenderloin , chicken enchiladas, fish tacos, shrimp and much more. Good job everyone and thanks BP it was fun like always


Thank you Chili! It had to be tough job judging with this bunch of pellet foodies!

Congrats to Tom and Art and the rest of the PelletSmoking nation who submitted their cooks.

And to Big Poppa for providing the playground and the candy!! :)


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Thank you Chili. The cooks don't get any easier each week. Scooter will have his hands full next week.

Congrats to Scooter and Tom. Scooter, that pie blew me away. You need to attend SEGASO and make that pie for everyone there.

Big Poppa, your playground is outside the lines, and we wouldn't have it any other way! Thank you.



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Congrats to all the winners! Although it was my first submission I can really see how addictive this is! Its fun keeping tabs on the thread and seeing what new and creative submissions show up (that pie blew me away too). Thanks BP for putting this on every week and encouraging us newbies to get our feet wet!
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