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Lets continue the hisgh standards and give everybody new ideas that they can take credit for back home!

first place $25 Store Credit to Big Poppa Smokers
second place $15 Store credit to Big Poppa Smokers
third place $10 store credit to Big Poppa Smokers

$5 store credit to all others

Dont be shy pick my pockets!


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SEC Championship Grub

Gotta have some SEC championship grub

Will use these in a few


Same with the bacon


Let’s cook some spuds for tater salad


Spuds cooled let’s add the flavor


Mix and cool


Let’s do some ribs


Rubbed and onto the Mak


Ready for some foil love


Now some sauce


Looking good!

Stay tuned!


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Part Two
Let’s plate this bad boy!
Gild the Lilly on the eggs with a asparagus tip and bacon. Then a little more bacon on the tater salad.

Add the ribs and we are ready to eat!




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Angry Maple Bacon Chicken

So I had me an idea for tonights dinner.. sweet and heat. So I got me this...

Started cooking at 325 like this..

Bacon done

While the chicken continues to cook for another 30 mins... Magic Bullet for the bacon


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Now maple syrup, butter and some cayenne pepper with the diced bacon

Glazed for the last 10 mins...

Smells and tastes fantastic!!!

Thanks for looking!!!


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Tailgate butts

Start with 2 Pork butts from RD.

The Renowned Mr Brown rub: (I doubled these measurements)

1/4 cup Black Pepper, fresh cracked
1/4 cup Paprika
1 /4 cup Turbinado Sugar or Brown Sugar
2 Tbsp. Salt, Kosher
2 tsp. Mustard, dry
1 tsp. Cayenne pepper
(Makes enough for one 6 - 8 lb. Boston Butt)

Rubbed them up and put them on the MAK 2 star with BD Oak pellets

The next morning, about 12 hours later

I put them in FTC and headed down to Dolphins stadium

Major faux pas - got involved in the social aspects of tailgating with friends and forgot to take the pics!
the bark was fantastic!
However, There was a plate prepared for snacking afer we got home:


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Pizza a la Memphis

How about a pizza.. REALLY great on a smoker. We start with a gluten free crust (gotta take care of the wife ya know..)


Give it a good mixing


This stuff is some of the stickiest stuff I have ever worked with! After a few trial and error runs I have finally figured it out. Spread it out on parchment paper that is covered with oil and keep my hands completely covered with oil. Then it works smooth as silk.


Let it rise for an hour and then onto the stone and into the Memphis


While the crush is getting crisp, prepare the toppings




Hot Italian sausage..mmmmm.


A mix of cheese - swiss, mozzerella, pepper jack, shaved parmesean


Stay tuned, the best is yet to come!!


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... cont

Crust is just right - time to build the pie



On to the Memphis at 365 until hot. Oh, so good!


While the pizza is cooking, move on to dessert - baked apples :)


Jan cored and prepared the apples


Ready for the grill..


Give the apples a flip half way through the cook


Add a scoop of honey ice cream - OMG(osh) - I am in HEAVEN!


Alert, alert - 2 beached whales on the couch at Mike and Jan's house. I can hardly move.. I knew I shouldn't have had that last piece of pizza.


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SOW chicken and Scotch eggs

Going through the cabinets I found a bottle of SOW chicken marinade that I had not tried yet (lost in the back of the cabinet) I also had not used my marinade express in a while.. so here we go. Split the chicken open and saved the bone to make stock tomorrow. Into the ME with the SOW for 30mins. let the vacuum out and put in the fridge for a couple hours until I needed it.

Also never tried to make Scotch eggs.. never even tried to eat one actually...
Hard boiled eggs and wrapped in spicy Johnson sausage with a little garlic habanero and some fire salt. put a little Kicken chicken on the outside of the sausage and wrapped in Bacon. (really, how could this be bad. :D

Started the MAK to 325 and put the chicken on and the Scotch Eggs into the smoker box for a while. Put them on the mail grill after an hour.

Chicken ready to go in:

Pulled the eggs at 170 and put back into the smoke box with some Italian sausage (sons request)
always a great site in the cold nights: (blurry from the fog and smoke mix :)

Pulled the chicken at 165 and let rest for a while

Pleated with rice. Not hte nicest pictures but with kids and the neighbors running around I was luck to take a pic while there was still food left.

Chicken was very juicy and the SOW gave it a good flavor but everyone was very very skeptical of the eggs, but they were the favorite. ("Like breakfast is a bite" " you only made 5????"

A great night with friends and family.


Pecan smoked pork chops stuffed with italian sausage & cheese

St Louis Style Pecan smoked pork chops stuffed with italian sausage & cheese on the BPS drum, roasted veggies on the MAK, mashed taters with pork gravy and grilled garlic bread.

Saw this recipe on a BBQ DVD I own. Terry Black of Super Smokers prepared this chop.

Start with some thick center cut pork chops. About an inch thick

Butterfly them to create a pocket where you'll stuff them with the sausage and cheese

Put them in a vacuum tumbler with some Stubb's Pork Marinade

While the chops are tumbling, put about a pound of italian sausage in a bowl. Grate 8oz of Provalone, and 4oz each of Asiago and Parmigiano Reggiano cheeses.

Mix together the cheese and sausage and divide roughly into 5 parts

Stuff the chops with the sausage and cheese stuffing and secure the open end with a couple toothpicks. Rub with jalapeno bacon rub

Start up the drum and add come hickory pellets and a chunk of pecan. OK, that chunk of pecan wasn't as big as it looks!

When up to approx 280 in the center, place the stuffed chops onto the drum

Now start prepping the bread. Cut in half, brush with Tuscan Herb infused olive oil and dust with Desert Gold

Time to flip the chops. Lookin good!!

Continued below
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Pecan smoked pork chops stuffed with italian sausage & cheese (Continued)

Time to get the veggies roasting in the MAK at 425. Sliced up Zucchini's, onions and mushrooms tossed with garlic olive oil, salt and pepper

Chops are nearly done so time to pull them and give them a quick sear. Add some fresh lump charcoal to the drum basket and place the searing grate in. Chops on the sear for a couple mins each side

Chops are seared and resting, now it's time for the bread. After crisping up the outer crust on the MAK, sear in the drum to toast up the insides.

After searing the bread, rub with some fresh garlic

Veggies are done!

Plate the stuffed chops with the roasted veggies, mashed taters drizzled with pork gravy. It was VERY tasty! The jalapeno and maple from the rub came through and added a nice backend heat! The stuffing was very tasty. Next time I'll add more cheese so it's more drippy gooey with cheese. Really a fantastic chop. Clean bones were all that were left!



Thanks for looking!
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Meat Man

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This weeks winner is

What a great week to judge, every entry was fabulous. The entries were:

RickB - Ribs
Scallywag - Chicken legs
FLBentRider - Pork Butt
Kite - Pizza
Patrick_CT - Spatchcock Chicken
Scooter - Stuffed Pork Chops

Eggs were a popular side this week, I love deviled eggs and the scotch eggs looked like something I might want to try. The chicken entries were great, loved the use of maple syrup. The stuffed chops were terrific and stuffed with cheese and one of my favs garlic bread. Like the pizza entry wasn't enough, he had to throw in the tasty dessert too. That pork butt entry, all I can say is I'd hit that in a heart beat. Well done everyone, here are the results.

1. Kite
2. Scooter
3. Scallywag

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Congratulations to Kite and Scallywag! And to all who entered!

Thank you Meat Man for judging and BP for providing the stage and trophies!
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