CarterQ is the Judge! July 22...Bring it on!

Big Poppa

Get your entries in by sunday night to be safe..

Cmon there is pressure to dazzle! Lets see some showstoppers!

first place $25 Big Poppa Store credit
Second Place $15. Big Poppa Store credit
Third Place $10 Big Poppa Store credit

Everybody who enters gets $5. Big Poppa Store credit....maybe a down payment on a little louies shirt!


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I'm ready.. :cool:



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Get your entries in by sunday night to be safe. down payment on a little louies shirt!

ya ya i get the point. i love your since of humor. lol. you could have just said "sparky get off your butt and get your entry in sooner." lol.... what if you already have a little louies t-shirt?
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Shrimp on the Q.

Smoke on Wheels + Desert Gold + Shrimp = Yabba Dabba Doo.

my son and his girl friend, vege girl (she eats fish) are coming over this afternoon to swim and relax w/ the fam. shrimp is to please her.

SOW / shrimp / ziploc. shaky, shaky. in frig for 3 hours.


thats pure yumminess there.


wheres that monkey to skewer the shrimp. oh, thats me.


onto #69 @ 450º on my grill grates.


looking good....


wow. nice stuff.


blow the bosn' whistle. chows on.


this is my plate but a perfect meal for vege girl.


taking a bow now. thank you, thank you.


yabba dabba doo.

and for my old friend a sounding "Waa Laa".
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i was suppose to be timing them? i go by looks and feel. notice the top skewer w/ only two. missing. not on the plate. look, feel and taste. yummy.
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Buffalo Chicken Salad

Its been pretty hot out here and we wanted something a little lighter and refreshing...Made a Buffalo Chicken salad with a homemade Blu Cheese Dressing.. Started with the chicken breast rubbed with a little garlic evoo and then some Little Louies..The salad was just a simple Iceburg wedge with carrot, celery and onion..

Made the dressing with some fresh blu cheese, mayo, sourcream and a little vinegar, Worcestershire, garlic powder and fresh ground pepper..


Had the chicken on the MAK at 275 till it hit 160 then basted in hot sauce until about 167..

Sliced and plated with the salad drizzled with the dressing and added some more blu cheese crumbles..


Was really good...


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Trout on the MAK

We had some good things this week to cross off my MAK bucket list (never actually crossed off I guess)
Fresh Rainbow Trout:
I really wanted to bacon wrap them but since they do not cook long enough to get the bacon cooked, I decided to be a little more creative. I first cooked some bacon on a rack over a cookie sheet on the MAK along with a separate dish with garlic cloves, shallots, EVOO. While this was cooking I added a dish of marinated sliced potatoes (EVOO, BP LL w/ P, Garlic Dude Dust, parma cheese).
When the Bacon was done and the sheet pan was cool I added the trout to the pan with the bacon drippings to give it the flavor along with salt pepper and a little Garlic Dude dust. Stuffed some of the bacon, roasted Garlic and shallots in the cavity of the fish.

Enjoying a Blue Moon on these hot summer days.

Turned the heat up a little on the MAK, put them on the frogmats (potatoes are finished and in the smoke box to hold and get some of the extra flavor.

And dinner is served: No picture of the salad to go with it since I always eat salad at the end of my meal ;) And a nice White beer to go with dinner.

Everyone really liked everything. I personally would have turned the MAK a little higher to crisp the skin more. The flavor was excellent.


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Other good meal this week was a marinated Pork Loin. I marinated it in Yoshido glaze for about 4 hours with some chipolte flakes to give it some heat. Put some dusting of LL w/P on it for good measure.


Onto #400 at 300 until the IT went to 165. I glazed it with the Yoshido sauce every 30min or so. When it was near finished I put a cookie sheet full of french fries and some chicken breast strips (terryaki glazed) on the grill. When the Pork reached 165 I took it off and foiled it and cranked the heat up to finish the fried. The pork sat in the smoker box feeling happy.


All the adults loved the pork and the kids ate some (but mostly the chicken breast strips) The fries came out awesome! I did not get pics of them since it was more for the kids, but everyone ate them quickly. We are all kids that love fries I guess.


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Thanks Sparky. It is about 1/3 of the entire piece I bought. I am still thinking on how to do the rest of it (2 more cooks I think).. one will have to be stuffed..


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80 for 80..

A good friend of ours will be hosting a birthday bash for his MIL - she tuns the big 8-0 this year. He bought in on the 'meat wagon' that KyNola drove up back in early June. (he picked up roughly 80 pounds of pork shoulders)

It was about 98° Friday.. Good day to haul semi-frozen meat around. (quickly)


I let them sit out for an hour or so. Still frozen. :eek:


Time to warm the pits. Fire in the hole!


Quick mix of the Salt Lick Clone.


(dump dump dump shake shake shake sneeze sneeze sneeze)


Here we go.. I could only fit 3 of the 4 shoulders on. Slathered with Molasses and heavily rubbed with the SLC.





Both are set at 240° or so and we'll check back in the morning. I heavily scored the skin/fat, and put it down towards the heat for the cook - with any luck we might have some cracklins to go with the pulled pork late tomorrow afternoon.. (or a mess)


Traeger shoulder is done.


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MAK shoulders are in the stall. I'll move that top one to the Traeger here in a bit.


Panned up, ready for FTC.


Wait, I don't have a cooler big enough to hold full steam table pans...

Time to improvise on a hot summer day.


It'll be nice and toasty in there out in the driveway. :D


Time for some coffee and A/C.


Traeger. (like my high tech bucket hangers??)




Just a quick peek in the FTBimmerT.


Time to stay inside for a bit. The sun is really pounding down now... Shoulder #2 is 175°-185° depending on where I poke it. #3 is still in the 160°s, so I put it in the Traeger Turbo Smoker to catch up.

I'll check the MAK again around 11:30. I didn't feel like messing with the Maverick today, so I just have a CDN meat probe that I can take a quick glance at.



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Took shoulder #1 out for a quick spin. I hear that people drive with their kids in the car to calm them down before putting them to bed. I figured it might help that picnic pull easier. :D


Dang, wrong kind of pellets...


It was 126° in the trunk. I'll bring that guy inside and pull him after I finish lunch. #2 is about ready to come off of the MAK next.


Time to pull... (next ones will be done in the shade - uggghh)

FTBimmerT seemed to work well.


Pulled. Left some of the pieces larger, as these will all be reheated.


#2 is ready to come off.


Nestled in the 125° Bavarian confines..


Ended up with right at 12 pounds pulled. (minus a snack for me)

Blue Bunny transport containers.




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And #3 comes off..


He's bundled up in the trunk with the other, and I"ll pull them after Church.


The shoulders went to Church with me... (I made them stay in the car :D)
It topped out at 139° in the trunk..

Time to pull..

Done and Done.

(10.5 and 12 pounds yield)



#4 is trying to thaw a bit in a cooler next to the washing machine. I'll put it on shortly on 'smoke' to let it thaw a bit more, before I rub it and put the spurs to it overnight.

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