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First batch was pretty good. Better stock up before the weather gets too hot.

Wife said no more food. we have too much at home and need to start working on eating what we have. Didn't listen very well. to the store and came back with.




was looking for something to eat and ran across some more cheese. deli slices so on they go to.

some pretty good color.

gave it a little test but was not the best. let it ride for a couple weeks in the fridge. I can wait I still have some from an earlier smoke.


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Looks good there fish.
I just picked up three blocks of the Tillamook Vintage White from Costco today that I will do with my AMNPS on Sunday when the temps are back down for my last load of the season. I tried a bunch of different cheeses last year but found that I like the Vintage White the best so that is all I did this year. I have 18 pounds vacuum sealed in the fridge in my garage that I am now munching on.
I wait two months for it to age before I crack open and enjoy.


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Thanks for the reminder FBM! I'm down to the last 3# of smoked cheese. I have a couple of blocks of smoke cream cheese left, but it goes awful fast with the smoked salmon.:(
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