Chicken Sausage Stuffed Peppers and Green Beans


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First time doing stuffed peppers. Used some homemade chicken sausage that we had in the freezer.

Chicken Artichoke Sausage

Buffalo Chicken Sausage

Thawed the sausage and removed it from the casing so that I would have a bulk sausage. Fried up each flavor separately and set aside for mixing.

To the Chicken Artichoke sausage I added some cut up artichoke hearts, some cooked spinach, and some shredded mozzarella cheese. To the Buffalo Chicken sausage I added some chopped up cooked cauliflower, some blue cheese crumbles, and a little buffalo wing sauce. Took each mixture and stuffed into the bell pepper half and into a disposable pan for grilling.

Went onto the grill cooking indirect at 350° with MHC (Maple/Hickory/Cherry) pellets in the hopper.

About half way through cooking I added some green beans onto the grill. Added to the green beans was - bacon, red onions, butter and seasoned with Tatonka Dust.

Almost finished - topped the stuffed peppers with some shredded cheese.


Had to slice them open to get an inside shot as well.



How did I miss this when it was posted (guess I've been too busy lately)? I'm sure glad I found it, 'cause those look incredible, Tanya!

And I want to hear more about that Chicken-Artichoke sausage.
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