CHRISTMAS CONTEST!!!!2011 Bring on the goods!


Thanks Dan for tough job of judging; It's hard with all the entries being so great!

Congrats to Rick & NorCal Smoker. Man those lobsters looked phenomenal and those blue cheese stuffed steaks had my mouth watering big time. :) Now if I could have one of each for the ultimate surf & turf dinner.

Wow, WiscoSports came in and hit his first contest entry out of the park too! Keep 'em coming.

Congrats also to everyone who entered because you guys got to eat your entries!

Thanks to BP once again for the play area!


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let me just say thanks Sterling for hosting this web site and these cooks.

Dan I would not have wanted to be in your shoes. What a great bunch of cooks. Norcal wish I had your recipie for those blue cheese steaks before I cooked mine. But let's honest. Once Cliff started cooking duck we were doomed! Duck fat gravy..are you kidding me? I want my coffin filled with duck fat gravy! Cliff you nailed it bud. Great cook!

To everyone else, I would love to have been a guest at your tables.


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Congrats to the winners. This was truly an awesome week! Everyone stepped up and did some very remarkable cooks. Thanks BP!
Congrats RickB and Tent. Thanks BP for this forum and sponsoring these contests. It is fun to see all the creative minds on this site.


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Congrats to all the winners. Man, all those good looking cooks, and you have to pick the top three... They all were winners, in my book.



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Congatulations to all of the winners! I am just happy to see all of the great entries so I can steal some ideas. I am doing my first prime rib on Monday for the Rose Bowl. I can't wait!
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