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Alentejo Roast Pork with Batatas Assadas (roasted taters)

My Portuguese mother in law came over for dinner tonight so I wanted to play with the Portuguese cookbook and find something for the the grill.

Decided to do Roasted Pork with a sweet red pepper paste and portuguese roasted potatoes (Batatas Assadas)

Here we go-

Start with a chunk of pork loin, bay leaves, paprika, garlic, olive oil, and sweet red pepper paste


Grind the garlic, paprika, and bay leaves with a mortar an pestle and then add the pepper paste and olive oil


Score the pork loin in a crosshatch pattern and rub the pork with the paste getting the paste down into the slices


For the taters, toss new potato wedges with paprika, garlic, salt, pepper, parsley and olive oil and place in a roasting pan


Place the pork and taters on the MAK running @300 on BBQers Delight Oak. It's best to roast the meat with the potatoes to get the flavor of the drippings into the potatoes.


Looking good after a couple of hours


Taters done


Pork pulled @150, rested and sliced


Served up with a glass of Portuguese beer (Super Bock) and we are ready to go


Dinner is served


This came out awesome, the meat was simple with great pork flavor shining through and the potatoes were off the chart, imagine a smoked linguica flavor. This was a killer meal and we will definitely do this again.


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Tequila marinated tr-itip and Tequila marinated tiger prawns

Well I first marinated the tri-tip in tequila,and fresh liquified garlic I did with pineapple and apple juice with pepper and a few other spices. Then I did the prawns in apple and pineapple juice and the liquid garlic and pepper and let sit overnight in vaccumed containers. I bought this master marinader about 2 and a half years ago at an auction brand new in the original box for 10.00 but I have been eyeing the mainade express that BP has because the pump is gone and I use the pump from my vaccum sealer and the drive motor is getting weak, but I got my use out of it.

I whipped up brownie mix with walnuts and cashews on the Mak for 35 minutes at 325 let cool then frosted. Then I put the tri- tip on the Mak on smoke for 1 and a half hours,bumped to 225 then put in warmer bumped to 450 after I put the grill grates on,then seared and removed at 145. Then I put the shrimp on till I thought they were done. I used a mixture of hickory and apple pellets.






It was mighty tasty I love Tequila and this is the first time I used it on Tri-tip


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Stuffed Peppers and Taters

This is just an easy throw together meal the night before I left for the Big Blue BBQ comp. Almost didn't take pics, but by now it's ingrained in the I'm leaving something out if I don't.

Looked around the kitchen, we had some peppers (bell and jalapeno), small potatoes, tomatos, smoked cheddar, and an onion.

Nancy mixed up some stuffing with hamburger, chopped onions, tomato, garlic, and probably other stuff too, I was working on the poppers. Sliced off the jalapeno tops and reserved for use later. Most of the veins and seeds were also removed. The smoked cheddar was grated. The shells were then put on the MAK @smoke for 20 minutes for flavoring and softening.

The heat was cranked up to 325 and the rest of the meal was added, I thin sliced the potatoes and alternated them with onion and jalapeno slices (had to add a few bell pepper top chunks too) The veggies were first bagged with Garlic EVOO and BPS Dessert Gold, then skewered.

After a while I took off the jalapenos and stuffed them with leftover chopped pork butt and the smoked cheddar, back onto the grill. It was just me and Nancy, so only made six. Soon the poppers were done and were pulled.

We dug in and they were very tasty! My favorite poppers to date.

The rest of the meal was now done.

We also threw on biscuits. Here's the plated shot.

The stuffed peppers were awesome! Mine were topped with smoked Habenero Cheddar cheese, Nancy skipped cheese on hers. The tater experiment was tasty too. The thinnest potatoes were almost chip like with good crunch, the thicker ones were more like what you would expect. Next time I'll plan ahead and have some red or orange bells to add more color!


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Gruyere Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Started with some bone in chicken breasts..Trimmed up the extra skin and rib bones..Removed the skin of two of then and wrapped those with bacon...Wanted to see which came out better..Sliced the Gruyere into long thick slices then wrapped with Black Forest Ham...Sliced a pocket into each breast and added about a spoonful of garlic herb butter to each.. Added the cheese and ham then tied and seasoned with Little Louies..



Then sarted a Four Cheese Mac and Cheese with a Crushed Dorito topping..Used Extra sharp Chedder, Gruyere, Fresh Parm and Cream cheese and Rotini for the pasta..

Made a nice roux then melted the cheese into it... Cooked the pasta, added it to the cheese then topped with crushed doritos..


onto the Mak at 250 and let it go...When Chicken hit about 150 I cranked it to 400 to crisp up the skin and brown the Mac and cheese..




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Gruyere Stuffed Chicken Cont.

pulled when chicken hit about 165..




Made a fresh Caesar to go along with it...

The Skin on Breast was actually better I thought and I think the bone in breast made them alot more juicy!! Came out great!


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Squirt Dump Ribs

my old friend squirt had a post awhile back that he dumped a bunch of rubs into 1 container. sparky likey. so, Squirt Dump Ribs. a variation on a theme.

i mixed equal parts of all my favorite rubs.



and wa la. Squirt Rub available at all your fine markets. lol.....


you know it. Squirt ribs.


put a nice layer down on a nice set of ribs.


onto #63 @ 275º


2 hours into it.





see ya.....


Well, its 12:00 Midnight and I need to get to bed so here goes...

Once again you guys made this so very hard to judge. How do I compare great chicken to great brisket to great ribs to great side dishes, etc.?

Too many noteworthy entries to mention this late at night so I'll get right to it. There were three entries that really popped this week:

3rd place: Grilled Lime Chicken Thighs by Howard (ht01us). Brother, I can smell the pungent lime juice as it hits the hot grill grates and wafts into the air mixing with the smoky smell of the grilled chicken!

Note: it was really tough to chose between the next two entries!

2nd place: Portuguese Alentejo Pork Roast & Potatoes by CarterQ. I bet you made your Mother In Law proud. I love everything about that cooking method. I really liked the deeply scored pork (Like Jamaican Jerk Pork). It really lets the marinade in and creates a lot of surface area to caramelize. Then to let it drip onto the potatoes while cooking? Oh yeah; Nicely done!

1st Place: FLBentRider - Week after week this guy delivers some of the best barks I've ever seen on BBQ. This week was no exception. But it was that last closeup pic of your Beef Brisket had me wanting to reach into my computer screen, grab a handful of it and start shoving it in my face. Juicy, perfect bark, a beautiful smoke ring... Well done!

Thanks everyone for another week of superb entries. Now I'm going to bed and dream about a bowlful of SisInLaw's Homemade Smoked Applesauce, with a side of Deb's Berry cobbler! Now that's some sweet dreamin' ;)


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Thanks Tent for your judging it wasn't easy lots of great cooks. Congrats to the winners and to all the cooks and Thanks to BP for letting this all happen.


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Congrats to FLBR, Carter, and Howard! Good job Tent, quantity was down this week, but not the quality. Thanks BP!


Congrats everyone, thought there might have a been a little hangover after last weeks blowout but everyone rallied and stepped it up again! So cool week in and week out to see the great food everyone is doing on their cookers.
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